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Whose Are We Facilitators
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A Theological Conversation: Whose Are We?

At the December 2008 Summit For Excellence in Ministry (convened by the Panel on Theological Education) a conversation was convened with the question, "Whose Are We?” Participants wrestled with the the theological, vocational and personal implications of this and related questions. The conversation was rich, stimulating and provocative and highlighted the yearning and hunger UUMA members have to engage in theological and spiritual reflection, of some depth, with colleagues. The UUMA Executive Committee requested, and received, a grant to give chapters the chance to engage in theological and spiritual reflection/conversation to be facilitated by chapter colleagues.

Two facilitators will be selected from each UUMA chapter and will be expected to attend a training/retreat near Minneapolis from Sunday afternoon June 20th through lunch on Tuesday June 22, 2010 (most if not all expenses will be paid). Facilitators are expected to convene conversations and/or chapter retreats during fall 2010 and spring 2011 (to be completed by May 2011) and assist with developing ongoing small groups focused on theological reflection. Phase II of the project, to take place in the spring of 2011, will designate a "UUMA Sunday” when colleagues will be invited to preach/write sermons on a topic relevant to the program. Cash awards for ongoing spiritual deepening work will be awarded to chapters who most fully participate. Facilitators will communicate their chapter’s participation and presentations to the UUMA Acting Executive Director.


  • An active and respected member of the UUMA and local chapter
  • Facilitation and training skills/experience; program design experience a plus
  • Engaged in a regular spiritual practice and/or program of spiritual/theological discernment and reflection
  • Ability to work effectively with a co-facilitator

Time Commitment:

  • Attendance at three day chapter facilitator training
  • One to two days prep with co-facilitator; one-three days chapter workshop
  • Commitment to assist in small group start-ups and communicate chapters’ participation/best practices with UUMA Acting Executive Director

Application Process:

All facilitators have been chosen. Questions about the application and selection process can be directed to Don Southworth at 617-848-0416 or

Chapter Facilitators:

  • Ballou Channing: Dan Hotchkiss, Judith Campbell
  • Central Midwest: Emmy Lou Belcher, Krista Taves
  • Chesapeake: Mary Katherine Morn, Scott Sammler-Michael
  • Clara Barton: Thomas Schade, Ellen Rowse Spero
  • Florida: Dee Graham, Sara Zimmerman
  • Heartland: Annie Forester, Jill McAllister
  • Iroquois: Jennifer Crow, Douglas Taylor
  • Mass Bay: Martha Niebanck, Katie Lee Crane
  • Metro New York: Charles Stephens, Jennifer Brower
  • Mountain Desert: Alicia Forde, Ellen Johnson-Fay
  • Northern New England: Karen Lewis Foley, Bruce Johnson
  • Ohio Meadville: Daniel Budd, Kathleen Rolenz
  • Pacific Central: Cathleen Diane Cox, Christopher Bell
  • Pacific Northwest: Cecilia Kingman, Jon Luopa
  • Pacific Southwest: Rod Richards, Wendy Williams
  • Prairie Star: Mark Stringer, Lisa Romantum Schwartz
  • Priestley-Kingsbury: Craig Roshaven, Lynn Strauss
  • Southeast: Marti Keller, Maj-Britt Johnson
  • Southwest: Eliza Galaher, Bret Lortie
  • UU Ministers of Canada:Wendy McNiven, Debra Faulk

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