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Innisbrook Resort Environmentally Friendly Initiatives
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The site for the UUMA CENTER 2018 Institute for Excellence in Ministry is proud to be working with the Innisbrook Resort and Spa as our retreat center.  The resort makes a serious commitment to being stewards of the earth.  Their Environmentally Friendly Facts and Initiatives include:

Using only reclaimed water for all Golf Courses and Landscape Irrigation.

The reclaimed water comes to us from the County and is delivered to holding ponds and then pumped to our irrigation system as needed. These holding ponds also act as catch basins for irrigation and storm water run - off which is then re - circulated back through the irrigation system.

  • We have a fully implemented “Green” Program in the guest rooms asking customers to conserve water through a “by request only” service for laundering sheets and towels.

  • We have invested a substantial amount of money converting the Cooling Tower at Inverness to reclaimed water saving thousands of gallons of fresh water.

  • We have installed a state of the art irrigation system on the Copperhead Course that saves 11 million gallons of water annually.

  • We have low - flow Shower Heads in all guest rooms.

  • We have an aggressive Preventative Maintenance Program that includes checking for water leaks and ensuring faucet aerators, etc. are in place.

  • Water cooled Ice Makers have been replaced with higher efficiency air cooled units.

  • We have a Property Management System in place that controls all meeting space HVAC saving energy by adjusting temperatures when not in use.

  • We do not use any aerosol products when cleaning our rooms.

  • The Resort has a fully implemented Recycling Program for newspapers, cardboard and Conf erence Center aluminum.

  • All Golf Carts used for play on all four golf courses are electric and have an energy management system in place for charging.

  • Preventative maintenance programs are in place to ensure all coolers, freezers, ice makers and other kitchen equipment are working at optimal efficiency.

  • We recycle approximately 8 tons of cardboard per month throughout the resort and containers are reused over 100 times before recycling.

  • Communications internally, as well as to our customers and business partners, is conducted via email versus direct mail whenever possible, including all sales and business proposals.

  • Innisbrook business practice is to print on both sides of paper.

  • All printer cartridges used in our business offices are recycled where possible.

  • All guest room and suite bathrooms contain low - flow toilets.

  • As our resort renovations are completed or new fixtures are installed, we are using all energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs.

  • Produce is purchased fresh via local farmers and producers whenever possible.

  • Locally indigenous, drought - tolerant plants are used whenever possible when landscaping.

  • Employee Electronic Drives – we encourage our employees to bring in their used and unwanted electronic items which we either dona te or turn in for recycling.

  • All of our dining outlets maintain plastic and aluminum bins for recycling.
  • We practice water and energy conservation by using glass, china and silverware wherever possible, versus disposable utensils.

  • Education programs – Nature tours are conducted on property, led by certified arborists to educate our guests on our wildlife and surroundings and how to be mindful of our environment.

  • Innisbrook was chosen as the site of an official clone from a Champion Dahoon Holly tree which is located outside of our Spa. The tree this clone was taken from is the largest tree of its species in the world. It is carefully maintained and protected.     

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