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2018 Nomination Slate

The Nominating Committee Submits the following Candidates for election at the June 2018 UUMA Annual Meeting:

  • UUMA President Designate: The Rev. Wendy Williams
  • UUMA Secretary: The Rev. Carmen M. Emerson
  • Nominating Committee (2): Rev. Dr. Elaine Peresluha,Rev. Paul Boothby

Nominating Committee Members: Sian Wiltshire, Jake B. Morrill, Amy Morgenstern, Amy DeBeck and Beverly Boke 

From the UUMA Bylaws:


Section 3: All nominations of the Nominating Committee shall be submitted to the President at least 90 days prior to the date of the membership meeting. At least 75 days prior to the membership meeting, the President shall submit the names of all nominees to the membership, along with the bylaw provisions for nomination by petition.

Section 4: Nominations by petitions shall be made by a signed petition of ten or more voting members. Petitions shall indicate the office sought and must be submitted to the President not less than 45 days prior to the annual meeting, along with indication by the candidate of his/her willingness to accept nomination.


Wendy is passionate about Unitarian Universalism and the potential of its churches to act and speak from a countercultural narrative. She believes deeply in the power of people to covenant together to awaken from unexamined narratives, grow in wholeness, and commit to work toward collective salvation.

 Since 2011, a six-year ministry in Flagstaff, Arizona, Wendy has served as the Senior Minister of Jefferson Unitarian Church (Golden, Colorado) where she shares the ministry with a phenomenal staff and dynamic congregation. For Wendy, collaboration and a willingness to ask challenging questions are cornerstones in working with congregations to grow in membership, commitment, and identity. Prior to seminary, Wendy practiced law.

Ministering in a world both broken and beautiful is sustained by the grace of being married to Betsy Brown, walking daily, and a lectio divina practice, as well as an often-irreverent sense of humor.


Rev. Carmen Emerson currently serves the Greater Nashville UU Congregation as its first full-time settledminister (2015-Present); she previously served the UU Church of Meadville, Pennsylvania (2010-2015). Following her internship with First Unitarian Albuquerque she served as its interim Associate Minister, covering the lead minister’s summer sabbatical (2009-2010). She has served as Secretary, Vice President, and President of the OMD-UUMA. Prior to ministry she was a paralegal specializing in real estate and tax-exempt finance, a career in which managing details and communicating well were essential. Carmen is ready to serve the UUMA at this time, motivated by “tenderness and respect for my colleagues, as we move forward after an especially hard couple of years.” 


Rev. Dr. Elaine Beth Peresluha has been an Accredited Interim Minister since 2011. Ordained in 1995 she served settled ministries in Woodstock VT and Bangor ME. In 2007 her interest in interim ministry was sparked by her PhD in Social Science. East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue WA is her 5th interim ministry. Elaine has also served the Unitarian Universalist Minsters Association on the CENTER team, as the Chair of the Interim Minister’s Guild Steering Committee and as a Good Offices person. Her passion is inspiring social change by bringing diverse groups of people together for personal growth, discovery and creative engagement. Her introvert self renews by spending as much time as possible biking hiking and skiing.

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