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Ministry Days: Partners & Spouses
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Options for Ministers' Partners and Spouses

As the affectional partner of a clergy person, each UU Minister’s Partner finds themselves in a unique situation that brings both privileges and challenges.  UUMPs exists electronically, at regional gatherings, and at GA to provide a space for sharing and mutual support.  Please join us.  We gather electronically and learn of gatherings using the following: To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to

The UUMA is happy to welcome member’s partners and spouses to Ministry Days each year.  You may register at the same time as your partner or independently at (although the system will ask you to log in you may continue without doing so).  When registering we ask that you consider how much of the programming you will be attending:
  • UUMPs Full Registration: Reception, Worships, Choir, see full program at:
  • UUMPs One Day Registration: Perhaps you just wish to come on Wednesday (25/50 Worship, UUMPs Annual Gathering, Berry Street Essay) – we have created one day registrations just for this purpose! (Tuesday only also available)

Please note there are discounted rates for partners and spouses.

Unitarian Universalist Minsters’ Partners

2018 Ministry Days and how UUMPs can be involved:

  • Collegial Conversation: On Tuesday from 2:00-3:15 all UUMPs are invited to a collegial conversation location TBD.
  •  On Wednesday, June 20 from 10:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. all UUMPs are invited to attend our own “annual meeting”. We’ll take the opportunity to briefly check-in then break into smaller groups for more in-depth sharing.

How to stay connected to UUMPs after Ministry Days and General Assembly:

¨ UUMPs Resources and Reflections can be found at the Unitarian Universalist Retired Minister and Partners Association (UURMAPA) website - Files on this site are password protected. Username and password is available at any of our gatherings.

¨ An email listserve is also available for UUMPs found at
Go here for information about the list and a link to request membership on the list. Note: Joining the list-serve is subject to approval by the list moderator.

¨ Currently we get support from a Facebook private group for UUMPs. To access, go to or simply search for “UUMPs” on Facebook. Once you request to join, you will be “vetted” by being asked how you are eligible for UUMP status. This is proving to be a valuable way for partners to connect, get advice and process issues. There is also valuable information about the unique role UUMPs have in their congregations and with their minister partner.

As Unitarian Universalist Ministers' Partners and Spouses, we hereby covenant the following:

To respect the confidentiality of communications within this group. Posts and comments should not be shared outside of the group, including with our minister partners, either by copying and pasting, using screenshots, forwarding emails, or even substantially re-typing conversations elsewhere. In-person conversations about the group should also respect the privacy of the participants. General ideas and stories, with names and identifying details stripped, may be discussed elsewhere.

To be supportive of each other. This is a support group for UUMPs and the unique challenges we face. Participants agree to be nice, gentle, patient and kind, and to encourage the best in each other. This group is a sounding board and place to share and to solicit the wisdom of experience as we navigate our roles within congregational life.

To support our minister partners. We remain aware of the harm that can come to our partners' relationships and careers if private information is shared outside this group. Some communications that may be shared on this group in confidence among spouses would not be appropriate to share among ministers because of their professional relationships and obligations. We will be mindful of this reality by respecting the confidentiality of communications within this group, as outlined above, even and especially when communicating with our minister-partners.

To respect the integrity of the Search process. Many ministers engage the search process without the knowledge of their own congregations, and congregations must maintain confidentiality during their own search process. When posting questions and concerns about search we agree to omit the specifics, including the names of the congregations who have invited their partners to interview, pre-candidate, or candidate, until such time the search is concluded and the call is made public. We also agree to hold information about ministers who are in search in confidence.



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