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Guidelines Committee

Committee Members

Committee A - Systems and Structures of Oppression


 Megan Dowdell  Anita Farber-Robertson
 Robert Keithan Nathan Ryan


Committee B - Acountability Process

 Michelle Favreault  Jonalu Johnstone  Paul Langston-Daley
   Karen Stoyanoff  


 The Guidelines Committee is a standing committee of the UUMA, charged with periodically reviewing The UUMA Guidelines for the Conduct of Ministry, studying issues as they arise, and when called for, suggesting changes. The current committee has been charged with reviewing our conduct around Social Media and Online Ministry and what if any alterations should be made to our Guidelines in order to reflect the changing context of our ministries, especially as they relate to our communication practices.

At the 2015 UUMA Annual Meeting the membership approved a year of study on the committees recommendations for an addition to our Standards of Practice. Based on response to the proposal and feedback from the study guide, the Guidelines Committee is presenting a revised proposal to the 2016 UUMA Annual Meeting.  

The committee is asking for a second year of study, and is providing a new study guide.  

Download the 2016-17 study guide below to participate in the year of study. The previous study guide is still available, for those who want to compare the revisions and for those who didn't get an opportunity to engage in the longer workshop.

Email your notes, questions, comments, concerns and suggestions to 

Feedback is requested by February 1, 2017.

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