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Dues Waiver Application
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About Temporary Financial Hardship: Any member experiencing a temporary financial hardship may select to pay the minimum annual dues with no questions asked. Minimum dues are currently $250 (parish) / $125 (candidate/aspirant and non-parish).  If this amount is prohibitive or the hardship lasts more than 3 years, we encourage you to request a waiver. See below for waiver details and application.

Installment Plans: Membership dues can be paid in installments of 10 payments. The system calculates the payments by subtracting the date of renewal from June 30 and divided into 10. (For example, renewing in Sept will give you 10 monthly payments.)

About Waivers:

  • Renewing Members must request a waiver by Oct 15.
  • Members joining for the first time can request a waiver at the time of joining.
  • Members may not receive a waiver more than three years in a row without special circumstances.
  • Members on disability will be automatically granted a full waiver with SSDI documentation. Once documentation has been submitted members can renew the waiver each year during the renewal process.  If status changes please contact the office.

Waiver Types:

Partial waivers are granted automatically upon submission of the below good faith statement.  When requesting a partial waiver it is granted for three years.  You must renew your membership each year but do not need to complete the waiver form again. Your dues will automatically be adjusted to match the partial waiver sliding scale (see below).  If your circumstances change in any given year you are welcome to return to paying full dues.

Partial Waiver Sliding Scale:
First Year: 75% off: $62 (parish) / $31 (candidate/aspirant and non-parish)
Second Year: 50% off: $125 (parish) / $75 (candidate/aspirant and non-parish)
Third Year: 25% off: $188 (parish) / $95 (candidate/aspirant and non-parish)

Full waivers are granted on case by case basis and reviewed monthly. 

Waiver Application

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