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Committee for Antiracism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism (CARAOM)

Charge: The Committee for Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism advises, collaborates with and assists the UUMA Executive Director (and Board of Trustees) in developing strategies, programs and best practices for to achieve the UUMA’s vision for ARAOM.

CARAOM’s core functions include:

  1. Creating, recommending and/or reviewing resources and programs to address oppressions and promote multiculturalism within the UUMA’s board, committees and membership.
  2. Advising and/or collaborating with other UUMA teams (i.e. CENTER, Collegial Development Team) on programs intended to educate UUMA members in ways of combating oppressions while enhancing and celebrating multiculturalism.
  3. Providing education and guidance to Good Officers working with clergy from historically marginalized groups.
  4. Advising the Committee on Ethics & Collegiality on cases that pertain to antiracism, antioppression and multiculturalism.
  5. Collaborating with Unitarian Universalist Association staff and other UUMA partners to ensure that all programs and resources impacting UUMA members are developed in antiracist, anti-oppressive and multicultural ways.
  6. Equipping UUMA staff and volunteer leaders to provide antiracist, anti-oppressive, multicultural leadership in response to events in the larger society.
  7. Bearing witness to the spiritual and philosophical blessings of AR/AO/MC work within the UUMA, and celebrating the progress of that work.

CARAOM’s Structure: CARAOM reports to and collaborates with the Executive Director of the UUMA. The committee will be comprised of 5-7 members and will be selected by the Executive Director in consultation with the CARAOM Executive Committee (current/incoming chairs, ED and possibly Board At-Large position). The UUMA Leadership Committee, Nominating Committee and Board of Trustees will be consulted as needed. CARAOM members will serve for three years. CARAOM members will each hold a portfolio consistent with the strategic plan and core functions.

Revision Date: September 2016 Adopted: October 2016 

Committee Members:

Julica Hermann de la Fuente

 Julica Hermann de la Fuente (2021)  Tamara Lebak (2021)
 Chris Long (2021)

Robin Tanner (2019)
Duncan Teague (2019) Deanna Vandiver (2021)
Cathy Rion Starr (2021)     


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