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Types of Coaching
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"What type of coaching is right for me?"



The traditional coaching model includes 8 to 10 one-hour meetings with a peer coach, roughly once per month, held over the course of a year. Most traditional coaching relationships will begin in September and end in June.  Some limited spots for traditional coaching at other times of year may be available. Traditional coaching is best for people who:

  • are not 100% certain about their goals

  • have interlocking or complex goals 

  • know they work better with ample time to practice and integrate between coaching sessions


Fast-Track Coaching

Our fast track coaching model includes 4 to 6 one-hour meetings with a peer coach. The meetings are held every other week to provide intensive focus and can begin at any time of year. Fast-track coaching is best for people who:

  • are quite certain about their goal

  • have a goal that is specific and achievable with focused support

  • know they work better with a shorter, intensive period of focus

Small Group Coaching

Our new Small Group coaching model offers coaching in groups of 4 either every month, or every other week. This is a great opportunity for deepening learning within a network of support and accountability. Most of the small groups will have a general focus, however, we are interested in having a few small groups with one of the following foci:

  • First Year ministers

  • Long tenured ministers

  • Search

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