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Katie Lee Crane

Rev. Katie Lee Crane joins the UUMA Coaching Team with more than 15 years in parish ministry and previous careers in marketing, public relations, publishing, as well as management consulting and training. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, Katie Lee served First Parish of Sudbury for 13 years where she is now Minister Emerita. She has also served as Interim Minister in Laconia, New Hampshire, and Consulting Minister in Hartford, Connecticut.  She is the winner of multiple awards for sermons including the Borden Prize (second place) and the Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Sermon Award.  Both in ministry and in previous careers, Katie Lee has been called to help organizations and individuals navigate through turbulent situations; she sees this as affirming work that invites parties to discover new ways of being in relationship to one another. Coaching Areas:  Preaching & Worship Arts, Spiritual Practices & Growth, Supervision & Staff Development

Jennifer Crow

Passionate about creating communities where no one need walk alone, Jen focuses her ministry on spiritual deepening and leadership development. The founder of the Wellspring Program, Jen draws on our own UU prophets for strength and inspiration, as well as her own daily spiritual practice of prayer and meditation. A graduate of Smith College and Meadville-Lombard, Jen balances life in ministry with motherhood, as she and her wife Loretta raise two kids in Minneapolis.  Coaching Areas:  Lifespan Programming, Spiritual Practice & Growth, Supervision & Staff Development

Duane Fickeisen

I retired in 2011 after 14 years as founding co-minister of UUs of the Cumberland Valley (Boiling Springs, PA). I have served as UUMA Chapter Good Offices Person and in other chapter and district leadership roles. Prior careers include research science and non-profit administration. I have a masters degree in Organization Development and am a graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry. I am a kitchen gardener, cook, and photographer. I live in Portland, OR.  Coaching Areas:  Practices & Challenges of Growth, Preaching & Worship Arts, Conflict Management

Jim Grant

 Jim is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister who has served as interim or consulting minister in ten UU Congregations; 9 in the Pacific Southwest District and one in the Mountain Desert District.  One of Jim's primary skills has been working with congregations where there is or has been conflict.  Before becoming a UU Minister, Jim was parish minister and associate executive in American Baptist Churches. Jim and Betty have been married 55 years and have two grown children.  Betty is a professional storyteller.  Coaching Areas:  Conflict Management, Supervision & Staff Development

Erika Hewitt

In her preaching & worship ministry, Erika Hewitt considers the arc of the entire worship experience. She believes that designing content (theological reflection, images, wordplay, and multi-sensory elements) is as important as form (not just structure, but using one's body and voice as a vehicle). Erika is the author of Story, Song and Spirit: Fun and Creative Worship Services for All Ages and a forthcoming small group program for lay sermon-writing (both from Skinner House). Coaching Areas:  Preaching & Worship Arts, Spiritual Practices & Growth

Craig Hirshberg

The Rev. Craig Hirshberg is currently Exec. Director of the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of New Jersey. She has been a Unitarian Universalist for twenty- four years and a minister for sixteen. She was the founding minister of the UU Congregation of Somerset Hills, where she was recently celebrated as minister emerita. She is a member of the UUA District Board and the UUA Trauma Response Team. She also serves as the UU Metro District Ministerial Settlement Representative. Craig also has a private practice as a spiritual director and retreat facilitator. Laughter and meditation are her favorite spiritual disciplines. Craig lives in Califon, New Jersey with her husband Dominick DePinto. She has three grown children.  Coaching Areas:  Community Development & Social Justice, Spiritual Practices & Growth, Practices & Challenges of Growth


Mark Hoelter

Mark has served four congregations, the last in Hillsboro, Oregon, which doubled its membership (and more) during his 9 years there. He directed the inter-religious dialogue program of the historic InterFaith Conference of Metro Washington from 2005-2010, and now, certified through Coaches Training Institute, makes life coaching his community ministry, and serves as chaplain to UU divinity students at Wesley Seminary. Married to Karen Key, he is a member of All Souls Church in Washington.  Coaching Areas:  Practices & Challenges of Growth, Community Development & Social Justice, Spiritual Practice & Growth


Rick Hoyt

 During the height of the AIDS crisis Rick Hoyt worked as the Director of Human Resources for AIDS Project Los Angeles.  The scope of the suffering and the negative response from political and religious voices awakened his sense of social justice spirituality.  He received his MDiv from Claremont School of Theology and was ordained and fellowshipped in 1998.  He has served several churches in the greater Los Angeles area, currently First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles.  Coaching Areas:  Supervision & Staff Development, Multiculturalism & Intercultural Competencies, Community Development & Social Justice

Brian Kiely

Brian Kiely has been parish minister at the Unitarian Church of Edmonton in Canada since 1997 and has been in new congregation and mid-sized church ministry since 1988.  He is also President of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists.  He has mentored several interns and is presently a Meadville Teaching Pastor.  Brian has just completed a sabbatical studying electronic ministry. Check out his blog at  Coaching Areas: Preaching & Worship Arts, Conflict Management, Practices & Challenges of Growth

Maureen Killoran

Maureen Killoran's favorite definition of herself is as a "midwife to change."  Trained as a professional transitions specialist with both the UUA and the interfaith Interim Ministry Network, Maureen has spent the past several years working with congregations who find themselves in an interim period. Her interim work has taken her to Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, and most recently, Missouri where she is working with Eliot Chapel in St. Louis. Prior to becoming an intentional interim minister, Maureen served as parish minister in Salem, Oregon and Asheville, NC and as a consulting minister with small congregations in Western NC.  All told, she has served congregations as small as 30 and as large as 750, with staffs ranging from two to seventeen. In one chapter of her life, Maureen established a community ministry of life coaching, working with individuals and organizations who were seeking to be intentional about change.  A native of Canada who now has dual US/Canadian citizenship, Maureen holds Master's degrees in sociology and divinity and a DMin in church organizational systems.  Her interests include conflict transformation, staff team development, and positive psychology as a tool for organizational change.
Coaching Areas:  Conflict Management, Practices & Challenges of Growth, Supervision & Staff Development

Susan Manker-Seale

A 1986 graduate of Starr King School, I’ve been an RE director, parish minister, and chaplain. As extension minister, I served NW Tucson for fourteen years, growing, shaping, struggling, loving, worshipping. I’m a third generation UU minister, culturally Latina with mixed Delaware ancestry, and am bilingual in Spanish. I’m on the board of UU Mystics, am a mystical naturalist, and a writer (fantasy, nature theology, poetry, sermons, liturgy, and hymnody).  Coaching Areas:  Spiritual Practices & Growth, Multiculturalism & Intercultural Competencies

Wendy McNiven

Wendy McNiven serves as minister to the Kamloops UU Fellowship. Ordained in 1992, she has served mainly small congregations, sometimes two at once.   Wendy also offers congregational workshops in several areas, among them: worship-leading skills, ministerial start-up, and lay chaplain training.  Wendy has served as Ministerial Settlement Rep for Western Canada, and as a "Whose Are We?" facilitator.  She is a Good Officer in her chapter.  In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor exercise and singing.  Coaching Areas:  Spiritual Practices & Growth, Preaching & Worship Arts, Conflict Management



Melanie Morel-Ensminger

Ordained in 1993, Melanie has served churches in Bethesda, MD (internship); Ellisville, MS (student ministry); Chattanooga, TN; Auckland, New Zealand (during sabbatical); Cherry Hill, NJ; and her hometown of New Orleans, (current ministry).  She served on the Jubilee Working Group for Anti-Racism and has facilitated anti-racism/anti-oppression workshops around the country.  She has taught Worship at Leadership Schools in 3 Districts, and has received awards for preaching.  Ministry is her third vocation, after hotels and retail.  Coaching Areas:  Community Development & Social Justice, Preaching & Worship Arts, Supervision & Staff Development

Makanah Morriss

Maintaining fellowship as both a parish minister and as a minister of religious education, Makanah Morriss has served congregations in Richmond, VA, Wilmington, DE and Cheyenne WY as well as serving on UUA Staff in Boston (including 6 years as Director of the UUA R.E. Department).    She brings to coaching a passion for helping congregations unlock their growth potential through creative adult and lifespan programming, community outreach, and effective staff development (professional & volunteer). Coaching Areas:  Lifespan Programming, Supervision & Staff Development

Martha Niebanck

 Coaching Areas: Practices & Challenges of Growth, Spiritual Practices & Growth

Joshua Pawelek

Rev. Josh Pawelek is minister of the UU Society: East in Manchester, CT. Prior to coming to Manchester in 2003, he worked as an antiracism educator and organizer with the UUA's Faith in Action Department. He serves in leadership roles in the Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity and Justice, CT Clergy for Marriage Equality, and CT's Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care. He lives in Glastonbury, CT with his wife and two young sons.  Coaching Areas:  Multiculturalism & Intercultural Competencies

Kenneth Reeves

The Rev. Dr. Ken Reeves is a graduate of the Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, CA, and has served congregations in Ohio and Delaware.He has also earned a Masters in Pastoral Counseling and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.He is currently a clinical psychologist with a therapy practice, a consulting psychologist with the Center for Career Development and Ministry, in Dedham, MA, and an adjunct professor at Andover Newton Theological School.Area of coaching: Conflict Management

Kimi Riegel

Kimi Riegel is a life long UU and a minister with 20 years experience.  I have worked as an Associate minister in a large congregation and the solo minister in a small congregation.  I have been a mom throughout my career.  I am married to a UU minister as well though we currently serve two different congregations. Coaching Areas:  Multiculturalism & Intercultural Competencies, Lifespan Programming, Spiritual Practice and Growth

Tracey Robinson-Harris

From August 2010 until June 2012 Tracey is Interim Minister with the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Middleboro, MA. Prior to that she served as: UUA consultant for Ethics in Congregational Life and JUUST Change Consultancy (anti racism, anti oppression, multiculturalism resource) ; Director for Congregational Services working with staff and consultants in Stewardship; Growth/Best Practices; Marketing Outreach; Young Adult and Campus Ministry; Anti Racism, Anti Oppression and Multiculturalism; Ethics and Safety; Services to Large Congregations; and as one of the ministers serving the Community Church of New York in Manhattan where her commitment to Anti Racism, Anti Oppression and Multiculturalism grew and deepened. Coaching Area:  Multiculturalism & Intercultural Competencies


Kathy Sage

Every 10 years I notice I have redefined myself.  Some by intention, some by discipline, some by saying "yes” and some by saying "no”.  I graduated from seminary graduation at age 24, 38 years ago, added second masters in counselling - project: "Life Planning for Women in Ministry”.  Ten years on national ministry staff (former denomination) focused on transformation – for our ministries, our lives, our spiritual practices i.e. where we invest our lives.   Last eleven years in new country, return to parish, returning to coaching.  Kathy serves at the Kingston Unitarian Fellowship in Kingston, Ontario Canada.  Coaching Area: Spiritual Practices & Growth

Gail Seavey

Gail Seavey has served four congregations in different regions of the US.   Discovering a leadership style best suited to mid size congregations, she presently serves First UU Nashville.  Gail learned church management with the help of a sabbatical internship in management at Lucent/Bell Laboratories. During a recent sabbatical she visited Unitarians around the world.   Gail is passionate about professional ethics, stories, collaborative ministry and congregations were her ethnically diverse granddaughters feel welcome.  Coaching Areas:  Supervision & Staff Development, Preaching & Worship Arts, Practices & Challenges of Growth

Grace Simons

Grace Simons is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. She served in the Peace Corps in Nigeria. On her return, she began a long teaching career and found UUism. Grace helped organize the first MDD Leadership School. Grace received her M.Div. from Starr King. She most recently served the UU Fellowship of Stanislaus County in Modesto, CA. She chaired the PCD Growth Committee and served as Good Offices Person in the UUMA chapter. Coaching Areas:  Practices & Challenges of Growth, Preaching & Worship Arts

Ellen Spero

The Reverend Ellen Rowse Spero has served as the Paris Minister at First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Chelmsford, MA since August, 2002. Ellen is a graduate of Brandeis University, University of Maryland (with an M.Ed in Special Education) and Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. She has served as the Assistant Minister at the First Parish in Lexington, MA, and as the Interim Minister at Hope United Church of Christ in Alexandria, VA. Before entering the ministry, she was a special education teacher and supervisor of the teaching staff at Different Drum, an alternative high school in Alexandria, Virginia. She grew up as a Unitarian Universalist, attending the First Church Unitarian in Littleton, MA.

Ellen lives in Acton, MA with her husband, Josh, their two sons, Sam and Henry and their three dogs, Fritzl, Blue, and Paza. Her hobbies/spiritual practices include knitting (scarves only), baking, cooking for local community meals, and walking with one dog or another.  Coaching Areas:  Supervision & Staff Development, Lifespan Programming

Sam Trumbore

Sam Trumbore ( has served a mid-sized congregation in Albany, NY ( for the last 12 years. Before that he served a small fellowship in Port Charlotte, Florida for 6 years. For over 25 years, mindfulness meditation (as taught by Joseph Goldstein & Sharon Salzberg has been his core spiritual practice. He has also worked with a congregational based community organizing project affiliated with the Gamaliel Foundation.  Coaching Areas:  Spiritual Practices & Growth, Community Development & Social Justice, Conflict Management

Lisa Ward

Rev. Lisa Ward joyfully enters the coaching program with gratitude for the opportunity to work with colleagues in ministry. Now twenty years into the ministry (M-DIV, UTS), Lisa has served large, mid-size and small congregations, in New York and Maryland. She is currently serving UUFHC in Churchville, Maryland. Rev. Ward has been a regular preacher, workshop leader or speaker for the UU Fellowship of Chautauqua, the Chautauqua Institute, UUMAC , Star Island and Harford Community College. In Maryland, Lisa serves on the Board of the UU Legislative Ministry and is co-chair of Maryland Faith for Equality (an interfaith justice advocacy group). Coaching is an opportunity to accompany another’s vocational wisdom. And so, an honor.  Coaching Areas:  Spiritual Practices & Growth, Preaching & Worship Arts, Practices & Challenges of Growth

Leslie Westbrook

I have experience as a parish minister, interim minister, religious education professional, and pastoral psychotherapist.  I have been in ministry for over thirty years.  I have particular experience working in multi-staff situations, and many years of experience providing life span educational programs in parishes.  I worked at the UUA for six years developing adult education and intergenerational programs. Besides two theological school degrees,  I have a doctorate in clinical social work and now work full time providing coaching, counseling, and long and short term psychotherapy with Unitarian Universalist professionals and lay people.  In particular, I work with co ministers (married and not), and ministers in multi staff situations.  I  look forward to being a coach. Coaching Areas:  Lifespan Programming, Spiritual Practices & Growth

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