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Resistance & Resilience Vol 1.7

Friday, March 3, 2017   (0 Comments)
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We are grateful to Christina Sillari, our colleague who serves in Portland, Maine for a prayer this week.


Rev. Christina Sillari

Oh holy one, spirit of life, universal intelligence, nameless God of many names,

we call to you as we open our hearts to the power of gratitude.


We are grateful for the earth and her creatures,

for the snow and the sunshine, the eagle and the egret,

for coffee and chocolate,  for the buffalo and the bees,

and all the people working to save our great mother earth.


We are grateful for our communities of love and justice

and the opportunity to serve the people that need us most.


We are grateful for politicians and protesters,

for showing up, for speaking out, for standing up, 

for the rights and dignity of those who are marginalized.


We are grateful for the lawyers and the lobbyists, 

who work to protect the most vulnerable among us.


We are grateful for therapists and teachers, for shamans and healers,

who care for those with addiction and mental illness, trauma and grief. 


We are grateful for the surgeons who save lives,

and the scientists who make the world a better place.


We are grateful for the children, the youth and the young adults,

who are not trapped in the isms of the world,

but who understand injustice and inequality.


We are grateful for the elders who support and inspire,

the future generations with their wisdom and their patience.


We are grateful for the opportunity to love people, 

to show them kindness and offer them forgiveness 

and to have our hearts broken again and again.


We are grateful to be alive at this time and place,

to do our part in creating a revolution of the heart,

which will, in time, save our planet and humanity.


Reverend Christina M. Sillari
The First Parish Portland, Maine Unitarian Universalist

Feel free to share these weekly reflections with proper attribution to the author. 

Do you have something to say to your colleagues about resistance and resilience? We are inviting your pastoral and/or prophetic reflections, poems, stories, meditations, etc. for possible inclusion in this weekly electronic publication.Submissions need not need be tied to current events, though timely messages are welcome and should be noted as such.Submissions should be no more than 250 words.We will make selections among submissions and will edit as needed. Submissions should be sent to

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