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Resistance & Resilience Vol 1.5

Friday, February 17, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Michelle Pederson
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Ex Spe
              by Peter A. Friedrichs

You can stand on the stage,
the most skilled illusionist,
madly conjuring card after
card from thin air, or
producing doves like some
crazed, relentless peacemaker,
astounding even the most
jaded, jeering crowd.
But in the end Lucretius was right:
Given seven days, or seventy,
or even seven thousand,
you cannot create out of nothing
even a single grain of sand,
much less an entire Universe.
Ex nihilo nihil fit.
And yet, each day you are called
to make a world out
of nothing more than hope.
From the bombed-out rubble
of yesterday's drone strike,
ordered by some unseen enemy
or, worse yet, someone you trusted,
you must claw your way back
to light and air and, concussed,
dust yourself off to begin again.
After the earth has shifted
without warning, you find yourself
digging by hand through a maze
of twisted rebar and memories,
fingernails torn and knuckles swollen,
desperately trying to reach your own
barely beating heart, so faint
that only the rescue dogs can
sense your thready pulse.
From the shards of glass that
pierce the tender flesh of your palms,
today you must piece together
yet another mirror that reflects
some semblance of the face
that you're willing to
present to the world.

Do you have something to say to your colleagues about resistance and resilience? We are inviting your pastoral and/or prophetic reflections, poems, stories, meditations, etc. for possible inclusion in this weekly electronic publication.Submissions need not need be tied to current events, though timely messages are welcome and should be noted as such.Submissions should be no more than 250 words.We will make selections among submissions and will edit for grammar, punctuation and clarity as needed. Submissions should be sent to

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