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Resistance & Resilience Vol 1.3

Friday, February 3, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Friends and colleagues,

I came into Unitarian Universalism more as a mystic than an activist.  I was initially drawn to our faith because it embraced many paths to spiritual deepening and God (at least my first congregation did). Our social justice stands grew on me as I learned more about our history and why they were so core to us as religious people. I learned how to march and protest when injustice and inequality appear, but resilience comes easier to me than resistance. I intensified my spiritual practices on January 1 to help my resilience for resistance.

But for what type of resistance?  How can I/we best fight back against the religious intolerance, protectionism and fascism that is in our country today?  I'm trying to limit my social media and news intake, but I'm still overwhelmed and a bit confused at all the possibilities for resisting.

Yesterday I found one small answer.  My partner in ministry, Melissa Carvill Ziemer, and I have been talking about how we can best serve our members these days and feel like we are making a difference too.  She told me about which is a wonderful website that makes it easy to call our elected representatives.  So I've added a new spiritual practice to my prayer, meditation, exercise and journaling.  Five calls a day.  Will it make a difference?  In the future of our country, I'm not sure.  In the part of my spirit where injustice is tearing a hole, I think so.



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