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Resistance & Resilience Vol 1.1

Friday, January 20, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Friends and colleagues,

Today our country will inaugurate its 45th President.  Many - if not most - of us believe this president has espoused and practiced policies and rhetoric more at odds with our core progressive religious values than ever before.  Throughout our country and our world there are growing chasms between us.  Our fears for the future and often our hopelessness seem to be growing as well.  As religious leaders we are called to serve and lead our people, our faith and our world in both prophetic and pastoral ways.  The days ahead will provide us with challenges and opportunities to minister in ways that I believe will require more resistance and resilience than ever before.

Today we begin a four-year project of sending a Friday email to you with brief words to inspire both resistance and resilience in your spirits and in your ministry.  Of course, none of us really knows what the next four years will hold, but we do know the reservoirs which provide us sustenance, inspiration and comfort can easily dry up in days like those that lie ahead.  We hope each week these poems, prayers and practical reflections remind you that you are not alone and we have enough inside and around us to help heal our world.

Blessings & love, 

I visited some friends in Lexington, VA last weekend.  My friends had leading roles in the march celebrating Dr. King that was scheduled for Saturday morning, but they were worried it might not be safe for children.  For years a local group has held a parade and celebration of the birthdays of two Confederate generals on that particular day.  The group organizing the Dr. King unity march had secured the only available permit for a Saturday march this year, and several town officials feared there might be "unintended consequences." 

I took my friend's child and mine to the children's room in the public library where we had a front row seat for the parade.  We watched hundreds of people march by, some with their dogs and lots with their signs. We cheered for love and peace and equality and then, as the marchers passed, we turned back to play.  Just as we did, a very small group of people marched by proudly waving their Confederate flags. 

Perhaps there will always be people who dream of power over; people who think that some identities should be privileged over others.  We are called to point toward better possibilities.  Eternal Spirit of Love, may we never lose faith in your ability to lure us into communion with all souls.  Your power can save us when we fear we cannot save ourselves.  Teach us to follow where you lead. And remind us to celebrate your beauty wherever it is found that we may be among your agents on this earth. Amen.

With appreciation for your ministries,


Do you have something to say to your colleagues about resistance and resilience?We are inviting your pastoral and/or prophetic reflections, poems, stories, meditations, etc. for possible inclusion in this weekly electronic publication.Submissions need not need be tied to current events, though timely messages are welcome and should be noted as such.Submissions should be no more than 250 words.We will make selections among submissions and will edit for grammar, punctuation and clarity as needed. Submissions should be sent to

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