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Notice to Gmail Users

Thursday, December 1, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Michelle Pederson
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Are you aware of the interesting gmail feature which automatically categorizes your mail? Have you been wondering where your UUMA E-Update has been going? 

This issue only affects gmail users: 

Gmail bundles your incoming email into several different categories.  Unless turned off, Gmail may automatically send the E-Update to your Promotions tab.  Did you see the December E-Update that was sent yesterday? If not - look in your Promotions mail box and there you should find it there.  You have the ability to change these settings and send them to your Primary inbox if you so desire. Directions follow below!

To stop grouping emails in your inbox, you can turn off bundling for each label so that messages show up individually instead.

If you use the regular GMail Interface:

1. Open GMail.

2. Tap or click Settings Gear.

3. Select "Configure Inbox".

4. Choose which message categories to show as inbox tabs. Other messages will appear in the Primary tab. Deselect all categories to go back to your old inbox.

If you use Inbox: You can move emails so they show up directly in your inbox instead of bundled together.

Move a single email

If there's an email in a bundled label in your inbox that you want to get back to, open the email and select Pin . You'll see the email directly in your inbox, as well as inside the label.

Always show directly in your inbox

If you feel like an email doesn't belong in a label, you can remove your email from the label so that it shows up directly in your inbox.

1. Open an email in your inbox.

2. In the top right, select the "Move to ..."

3. Choose the Remove from option.

4. Select Always do this in the black bar at the bottom.

5. Check to make sure your email is directly in your inbox and not in a label.

If your moved email isn't directly in your inbox, it might be in another label. This can happen if your email matches more than one label. Look for your email in other bundled labels in your inbox, especially Low Priority or custom labels if you have them. Once you find your email, go to Move to  and choose Remove from. You may have to repeat these steps.

You may also use filters, so that emails from (the EUpdate and other important UUMA emails come from Don Southworth at this email) go to your Primary inbox. Click here for instructions. 

We hope this information is useful to you.

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