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Welcoming New Members

Friday, September 25, 2015   (2 Comments)
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The UUMA is happy to welcome the following new members who joined between June and September - we are glad you are here!!


 Name   Chapter Date Joined
Alexa Fraser Chesapeake  8/22/2015
Karen Scrivo Chesapeake  6/8/2015
Sierra-Marie Gerfao Clara Barton  6/2/2015
Michael Healy Clara Barton  7/14/2015
Rachel Christensen Florida  8/1/2015
Catherine Romano Griffin Florida  8/10/2015
Joshua Leach Mass Bay  8/31/2015
Claire Curole Northern New England  7/27/2015
Kali Fyre Northern New England  8/13/2015
Andre Mol Northern New England  7/19/2015
kristina spaude Ohio-Meadville  7/15/2015
Eleanor Kilpatrick Pacific Central  7/7/2015
AJ Blackwood Pacific Southwest  6/9/2015
A.J. Galazen Prairie Star  7/5/2015
Shay MacKay Prairie Star  9/18/2015
Stephanie McCullough-Cain Prairie Star  7/15/2015
Sage Olnick Priestley Kingsbury  8/11/2015
Meghann Robern Southeast  6/26/2015
Krista Weber Southwest  7/7/2015
Susan Yarbrough Southwest  8/18/2015
Christopher Wulff UU Ministers of Canada 5/20/2015


UUMA members are always on the move!  The below members have brought their ministries to a new chapter.  Welcome and thank you for your service!


Charles Ortman Ballou Channing
Lise Sherry Ballou Channing
Marta Valentin Ballou Channing
Charles Dieterich Chesapeake
David Miller Chesapeake
Joan VanBecelaere Chesapeake
Jennifer VonRue Chesapeake
Tom Bozeman Clara Barton
Anthony Lorenzen Clara Barton
Patricia Owen Florida
Brian Chenowith Heartland
Rachel Lonberg Heartland
Duffy Peet Heartland
Wendy Bell Mass Bay
Peggy Clarke Mass Bay
Mary Margaret Earl Mass Bay
Heather Janules Mass Bay
Manish Mishra-Marzetti Mass Bay
Marta Valentin Mass Bay
Kimberley Debus Metro New York
John Morehouse Metro New York
Justin Osterman Metro New York
Joan VanBecelaere Metro New York
Florence Caplow Mountain Desert
Matthew Cockrum Mountain Desert
Jacqueline Ziegler Mountain Desert
Megan Lynes Northern New England
Marta Valentin Northern New England
Pam Allen-Thompson Ohio-Meadville
Jennifer Brooks Ohio-Meadville
Paul L'Herrou Ohio-Meadville
Elaine Gehrmann Pacific Central
Ranwa Hammamy Pacific Central
Andrew Mertz Pacific Central
Terri Burnor Pacific Northwest
Leslie Ahuvah Jarzabski Pacific Northwest
Russ Menk Pacific Northwest
Rachel Baker Pacific Southwest
Lissa Gundlach Pacific Southwest
Mary Gunn Pacific Southwest
Jonalu Johnstone Prairie Star
Deborah Cole Priestley Kingsbury
Roberta Finkelstein Priestley Kingsbury
Neal Jones Priestley Kingsbury
Daniel King Priestley Kingsbury
Kristin Schmidt Priestley Kingsbury
Christian Schmidt Priestley Kingsbury
Joan VanBecelaere Priestley Kingsbury
Jennifer VonRue Priestley Kingsbury
Michael Walker Priestley Kingsbury
Jennie Ann Barrington Southeast
Walter Clark Southeast
Charles Dieterich Southeast
Barbro Hansson Southeast
Marvin Lewis Southeast
Douglas McCusker Southeast
David Morris Southeast
Paul Oakley Southeast
Nastasha Ostrom Southeast
Carlton Smith Southeast
Jan Nielsen Southwest
Eric Posa Southwest
Donna Renfro Southwest
Craig Roshaven Southwest
Joshua Snyder Southwest
Aaron Stockwell Southwest
Emily Wright-Magoon Southwest
Joan Montagnes St. Lawrence
Jane Thickstun St. Lawrence
Joan VanBecelaere St. Lawrence
Jean Wahlstrom St. Lawrence
Stephanie Gannon UU Ministers of Canada




Janette M. Lallier says...
Posted Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Sorry Russ... a little glitch in our query program. We still have you in PCD.
Russell A. Menk says...
Posted Wednesday, September 30, 2015
To my knowledge, I'm not moving to the PNWD. I am staying in the PCD at my current congregation in Aptos, CA. Hope this is a typo and not a forecast of the unknown future........peace.....Russ Menk

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