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Commit2Respond: Week 1 Reflection

Monday, March 30, 2015   (0 Comments)
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From March 22 - April 22, the UUMA Staff is joining with UUs across the country for Climate Justice Month, sponsored by Commit2Respond. Each week, one of our staff members will post their reflections on one of the suggested practices from the week. Intersted in joining us for Climate Justice Month? Click here for more information.

Week One comes from Program Assistant, Allison Palm


I do not have a green thumb. I love plants, but nearly everything I bring in to my house dies. This includes plants bought at the farmers market, plants given to me by dear friends, and even the olive tree that my spouse and I ritually planted together at our wedding. Luckily we had decided beforehand that we were not going to be superstitious about the fate of our little tree!


Given my track record, I was wary when I saw that the Commit2Respond Climate Justice Month daily practice yesterday was to plant seeds. I officially gave up on houseplants about 5 months ago, when our kittens knocked over my last little pot of basil—which was already half dead anyway.  Living in New York City, with no outdoor space of my own and only one window that gets any sunlight at all in our little first floor apartment, the conditions just haven’t been right.Add to that my own inability to keep things alive and it’s felt rather futile to even try.


I’ll admit that I often feel the same way about climate change. It’s not something we can prevent anymore – we are already feeling the effects of climate change all across the country, and all around the world. We can’t change it back. And the little we can do to slow it down can feel pretty futile.


But Climate Justice Month isn’t about futility, it’s about reflection and commitment, and about what might happen when a whole bunch of folks decide together to commit to respond to climate change. It’s about knowing that, while some failure is inevitable, we cannot succeed if we don’t start somewhere.


So I decided not to let my previous flowerpot failures deter me from yesterday’s practice of planting seeds, and now two flowerpots once again grace my windowsill.


Who knows what will come of these seeds we plant together this month. All I know for certain is that nothing can grow if we don’t start with those seeds.


-Allison Palm, UUMA Program Assistant

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