YearEssayistCity, StateChurch/Org.Title and other notes:
1821Abiel AbbotBeverly, MAFirst ParishSummary Posted: "The Prevalent Defects of Liberal Ministers”
1827Aaron BancroftWorcester, MAFirst Parish"On the nature, manner of producing and the effects of the excitements known by the name of revivals of religion"
1828John BartlettMarblehead, MA"On the causes, which impair the practical influence of Unitarian christianity"
1829Samuel WillardDeerfield, MA"Means to be Used by Ministers in the Moral and Religious Education of the Young” reported in Christian Register, May 30, 1829
1833Joseph AllenNorthborough, MA"What Can a Christian do to lessen the evils arising out of ecclesiastical division in towns and parishes?” reported in Christian Register, 1833 p. 170
1834Bailey LoringAndover, MA"On the manner, in which a minister may best exert his influence for the good of his people"
1836James WalkerCharlestown, MASummary Posted; "Real and Alleged Defects of the Preaching of Unitarian Ministers” reported in Christian Register, 1836, p. 86
1837Francis Parkman, Sr.Boston, MANew North Church"The Dangers and Duties of Ministers at the Present Time” reported in Christian Register, 1837 p. 87
1838Convers FrancesWatertown, MAFirst Parish"The Nature and Import of Spirituality in the Administration of Religion”
1839Ichabod NicholsPortland, ME"The Duty of Clergymen to their Profession"
1841Andrew BigelowTaunton, MASummary Posted: "The Position we occupy as a Body of Liberal Clergy in our Difficulties, Duties and Prospects”
1843Edmund Q. SewellScituate, MAFirst ParishSummary Posted: "The Religious Aspects of the Community, and the Duty of Unitarian clergymen in regard to them."
1848Samuel Kirkland LothropBoston, MASummary Posted: "The Difficulties and Discouragements, Responsibilities and Duties, incident to the Position of Liberal Ministers at this time"
1850William Henry ChanningRochester, NYSummary Posted: "Fraternal Cooperation" reported in Christian Examiner, 1851 p. 162
1851John PeirpontMedford (West), MASummary Posted: "On Social Reform” summarized in Christian Examiner, 1851 p. 156
1852John Hopkins MorisonMilton, MA"Theology, a Science resting on facts, which facts are to be learned through our individual observation and experience, and from the observation and experience of others”
1852Andrew Preston PeabodyPortsmouth, NH"Reform” reported in Christian Register, p. 88 Christian Examiner, 1852 p. 156
1853Rufus Phineas StebbinsMeadville, PAMeadville Theological School (President)"Definition of Various Terms in Theology, and the Prevailing Errors Concerning Them"
1853Thomas Treadwell StoneSalem, MA"On Social and Moral Reforms"
1854Barzillai FrostConcord, MA"The Relation of the Church to the Reforms of the Age"
1855Ephraim PeabodyRetired, King's Chapel"The Relations of Christianity and of the Christian Ministry to the Intellectual and Business Activity of the Times”
1857Edmund Burke WillsonWest Roxbury, MA"The Relation of the Individual Christian to the State” reported in Christian Register, 1857 p. 87
1861Andrew Preston PeabodyCambridge, MAHarvard Divinity SchoolSummary Posted: "The Transient and the Permanent in Christianity” digest published in Christian Inquirer, June 8, 1861
1863Thomas Hill, PresidentCambridge, MAHarvard UniversitySummary Posted: "The Preacher’s Duty” reported in Christian Register, 1863 p. 90
1865Henry Whitney BellowsNew York, NYFirst UnitarianSummary Posted: "The Necessity and Value of Associations”
1870William Henry ChanningLiverpool, EnglandSummary Posted: What is True Channing Unitarianism?” digest published in Liberal Christian, May 28, 1870
1872(no information).
1877Henry Adolphus MilesHingham, MA"Some Thoughts on the Science of Religion”
1878Edward Henry HallWorcester, MASecond Congregational (Unitarian)(no title given)
1881Edgar BuckinghamDeerfield, MA"The Modern Position of the Church”
1882Edmund Burke WillsonSalem, MA(no title given)
1885Francis TiffanyRetired, Springfield & West Newton"The Sensible and Tangible Foundations of Religion”
1891John Calvin LearnedSt. Louis, MO"Three Distinctions in Worship”
1893Robert CollyerNew York, NYChurch of the Messiah"In Autobiography"
1894Crawford Howell ToyCambridge, MAHarvard Divinity School"Religious Unity”
1898Samuel McChord CrothersCambridge, MA"The Value of Historical Study to the Liberal Minister”
1900Charles HargroveLeeds, EnglandMill Hill Unitarian ChapelSummary Posted: ("My Creed" - no title given)
1904Thomas Roberts SlicerNew York, NYAll Souls Church(no title given)
1906Merle St. Croix WrightNew York, NYLenox Avenue Church"The Religion of the Heart”
1907William Wallace FennCambridge, MAHarvard Divinity School(no title given)
1909Charles Gordon AmesBoston, MAChurch of the Disciples"The King's Highway"
1910Howard Nicholson BrownBoston, MAKings Chapel"Jesus and his Modern Critics”
1912Theodore Chickering WilliamsRetired"Education and Religion"
1913Charles Edwards ParkBoston, MAFirst Church(no title given)
1914William Laurence SullivanNew York, NYAll Souls Church"Catholicism"
1915Merle St. Croix WrightNew York, NYLenox Avenue Church(no title given)
1917George Rowland DodsonSt. Louis, MO(no title given)
1922James Alexander FairleyJamaica Plain, MASummary Posted: "Religion and the Downmost Man”
1924John Howland LathropBrooklyn, NYFirst Unitarian"What Value has the Idea of the Church in Modern Life?”
1925Horace James BridgesChicago, IL"Personality: Human and Divine”
1926Sidney Swaim RobinsAnn Arbor, MI andSt. Lawrence University"Theology by Synthesis”
1928Robert Sprague LoringMilwaukee, WI"Giving New Content to the Word, God”
1930Lawrence ClareMontreal, QuebecChurch of the MessiahSummary Posted: "The Mystical Element in Religion”
1931Arthur L. AgnewBelfast, Ireland"A Working Ministry”
1932Johannes Abraham Christoffel Fagginger AuerCambridge, MAHarvard Divinity School and Crane Theological School"The Function of the Liberal Church in the United States”
1935Raymond Bennett BraggMinneapolis, MN"Religion and Social Techniques”
1936Charles Edwards ParkBoston, MAFirst Church"The Ethical and Spiritual Emphasis of Modern Preaching”
1938Frank Edwin SmithPittsburgh, PAFirst Unitarian Church"The Place of Psychiatry in the Profession of the Ministry”
1939W. Waldemar W. ArgowSyracuse, NYMay Memorial"A Theology for Civilization”
1940John BrogdenUrbana, ILMeadville Theological School and the University of Chicago"The Nature and Function of Ideals”
1943Alfred Rodman HusseyRetired"The Reading Ministry”
1945.[The Berry Street Conference did not convene.]
1946Myles Hanson, JrWeston, MA"The Search for a Creative, Dynamic Democratic Theology”
1947John Howland LathropBrooklyn, NYChurch of the Savior"Human Nature in Theory and Experience”
1948Edwin Burdette BackusIndianapolis, INAll Souls"My Religion”
1951Karl Moses C. ChworowskyBrooklyn, NYFourth Church"Jew and Christian in a New Era”
1952Gerald F. WearyPlandome, NY"You and I and the World”
1953William Rupert HollowayDunkirk, NYAdams Memorial Church"Emerson and the Doctrine of the Indwelling God” (originally titled, "What’s in the Egg?”)
1956Ralph HelversonIthaca, NY"A Functional Approach to Unitarian Preaching”
1969Arthur Robert Graham"The Changing Liberal Ministry, Hopes and Expectations"

Entries on this list contain varying amounts of information.  That is because in 1920 Scribal records of the Berry Street Conference’ first hundred years were lost in transit from one Scribe to another.  The Conference asked Charles Lyttle, Professor of Church History at Meadville, to try to reconstitute the history.  He did so, but with many lacunae.  Lyttle summarized his conclusions and observations from his research in an article entitled "An Outline of the History of the Berry Street Ministerial Conference" in the the Meadville Theological School Quarterly Bulletin in 1930.  The Rev. Rudy Nemser left the Scribal records here posted for his successors.  They have been occasionally corrected by Berry Street Project researcher, Beth Ellen Cooper-Davis, a Meadville/Lombard student, and Paul Sprecher, Berry Street Project researcher and now Scribe of the Berry Street Conference.  

This project was funded in part by the Fund for Unitarian Universalism.

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