Social Reform [?]

John Pierpont

Berry Street lecture, 1851


summary of lecture read before the Ministerial Conference

from Christian Examiner vol. 51, July 1851.

Boston, Massachusetts

May 28, 1851


In the afternoon, the Rev. John Pierpont of Medford delivered an address on Social Reform. After allowing the claims of this age on the score of practical benevolence, and giving it credit for its measures and agencies of good, Mr. Pierpont presented a sad picture of the actual state of Christendom, of its vice, its tolerated iniquities and outrages, and contrasted the force  and sway of all these with the feebleness of the efforts put forth against them. In conclusion, he adverted to the difficulties which attend the faithful preaching of the Christian religion, especially under the voluntary system, where any parishioners who may take offence at the honest rebuke of a preacher, or rather at the truth as spoken by his lips, may promote dissension and drive off a minister. A short debate ensued, which was brought to a close by an adornment.