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Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Weekly News and Reflections

September 10, 2020

Janette Lallier, Director of Operations

You Can Do this!


My 11 year old nephew Caleb began studying Taekwondo earlier this year. His lessons quickly moved online and he became a dedicated virtual student, reporting new terms and moves he learned along the way. At a very unlikely time, Caleb has found his sport. While in-person training has not yet resumed, the studio recently held a physically distant belt ceremony. Returning full of excitement, Caleb reported to my father, “I am a green belt!” After appropriate celebrations, my father asked him what was next. Caleb responded with equal enthusiasm “I have no idea!”


While we all laughed to hear the story, I can’t help thinking that is exactly what I, and so many, have been feeling these past 6 months. We have immersed ourselves in learning new tools, and have created new strategies to help our associations and communities adapt to the changing landscape, all while doing our best to keep tabs on what is next. With the arrival of Fall comes a full list of what’s next. While many of us continue to meet virtually, some of us are working through what it means to once again gather in person, and yet others trying to find a middle ground. No matter which situation, every day continues to call us to create new strategies for new circumstances, to pivot to what is now while holding what comes next.


After his excitement subsided, Caleb returned to fill us in on the belt system, his trajectory, and a little more about Taekwondo. Learning of the 5 tenets of study: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit, I can’t help but think that Caleb found this study at the perfect time in his development. And further reflecting on all that our members have been called to do in recent months, now, and in the near future, I can only wish for us all some of the same.


May you find courtesy in your daily encounters and remember that

Your integrity shines forth in all you do.

May you have perseverance to return to the drawing board when plans change, and

Self control such that you can see today’s successes and failures as tomorrow’s memories and learnings.

And when all else fails, may your indomitable spirit remind you that you can do this!


Generosity of UUMA Membership


Deep gratitude to all who made contributions during June’s Virtual Ministry Days Worship Services. Thanks to your generosity the following donations were made:

  • To support the Living Tradition Fund: $2,596
  • To support International Ministries: $2,596
  • To support UUMA Scholarship Fund for Members from Marginalized Communities: $3,365

If you missed your chance to contribute you may do so online


Spiritual Direction Assistance Fund


In 2018 through a generous gift from the Anne Warren Smith Trust (Rev. Amy Beltaine, TTE), the UUMA established a fund to provide financial assistance to Unitarian Universalist religious professionals who wish to access spiritual direction. Over the years, the fund has helped support 25 individuals obtain spiritual direction that may have been otherwise inaccessible. Currently the fund has run low and we are seeking contributions. If you have benefited from spiritual direction, please consider making a contribution to the UUMA Spiritual Direction fund. Click to pay it forward.


Renew Your Membership Today


Paper renewal forms will be sent soon. Please today to save paper and postage.


Memberships expire annually on June 30. Dues for the new year are payable on July 1st and past due on October 15th. Memberships of those with unpaid dues after October 15 become lapsed. When dues remain unpaid for an entire year, the member is dropped from the membership.


There are many options available to you for your membership dues. Membership in the UUMA is open to those in the UUA fellowship process and to other ordained clergy serving UU institutions. The cost of dues should not be a barrier to your membership. Dues are based on your ministry setting and your salary and housing.


You may choose to pay your dues:

  • in one payment
  • on the installment plan (10 equal payments over the year)

There are several more options available if the amount of dues presents a financial hardship:

  • you may select to pay the minimum dues for temporary financial hardship
  • select a 3-year partial dues waiver which would reduce your dues to $31 for community ministers and $62 for parish ministers in the first year,
  • request a full waiver of your dues.

Here are some helpful links:

The UUMA is committed to making the membership renewal process as easy and transparent as possible. Please contact Michelle Pederson at or call 617-848-0498 extenstion 6 for assistance.



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