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Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Weekly News and Reflections

May 21, 2020

Darrick Jackson, Director of Ministries for Lifelong Learning

Finding Space to Breathe


Last week the UUA shared . I imagine that this might not have been the easiest news to receive. We were brought into the current moment in crisis mode. With promises that this would only be for a month or two, parish ministers switched from in-person to virtual worships in a matter of days. Mistakes were made. Technology failed. Perfection seemed like an elusive dream. Community ministers have faced changes in their work environment, limited access to those they serve, and more risk than imagined. We did what we needed to do to serve our people.


Now we are facing the prospect of another year. How do we sustain this? Crisis response is not meant to be a long term solution. So what do we create? How will our ministries manifest over the next year? I’m not sure if anyone knows yet. I do know that if we try to continue at the current intensity, we will not make it. We need to find spaces to breathe, reconnect with our source, and reimagine our “new normal.” And even as I write this, I think, “When do I have the time for that?” But we must make the time. I don’t want to arrive in September to a sea of burnt-out UU ministers. It is not fair to you, your calling, your loved ones, or to the people you serve. Take care of yourselves. Work toward sustainable structures and practices. Imagine what a “new normal” could be.


Chaotic Spirit that defies understanding,

Why have you put us through this?

This is hard.

It asks so much of us.

We’re tired.

Please, can we be done?


Help us survive another year.

Help us move out of crisis mode.

Help us find the opportunity within this moment.

Help us find moments of renewal.


Breathing in.

Breathing out.

We pray for strength and endurance.

We pray for spiritual fortitude.

We pray for survival.

Blessed Be

The UUMA is currently seeking applicants for the half time position of Collegial Care Assistant. A job description for the position is available here: http://www.uuma.org/jobs. The deadline to apply is June 5, 2020 and the position will begin on July 1. We anticipate, after a review of applications, we will hold interviews via Zoom between June 15-26. To apply please send a cover letter, resume, and three references to Janette Lallier (email: lallier@uuma.org). The UUMA seeks to be as transparent as possible in the process of hiring: uuma.org/page/hiring

For job description visit: , for more information about our hiring practices visit:

Virtual Ministry Days


  • Looking for ways to catch up with the materials for our upcoming Annual Meeting?
  • Healthy Boundaries 101 Class: We have rescheduled the Pre-Ministry Days Healthy Boundaries class for June 15 (1:00-2:30/6:00-8:00 EDT) and June 16 (1:00-2:30 EDT). In this workshop, we will look at what every spiritual leader needs to know about relational boundaries, what boundaries are NOT, and how we can keep from violating boundaries inappropriately. Available for CEUs. Click here to register.
  • Call for Chaplains, Covenant Relations Team (CRT), and Tech Helper Applicants: We are building teams to be available during Virtual Ministry Days. All positions include Ministry Days Registration and a stipend.
    • to apply to join our Chaplain Team.
    • to apply to join our Covenant Relations Team.
    • to apply to join our Tech Support Team.
  • Register and Get your T-Shirt: Is registering for Ministry Days on your ‘To-Do” list? All those who register by June 1 will receive a special Virtual Ministry Days T-Shirt sent to their home in time for our opening events. ! Add your T-Shirt order . If you have already registered but didn't get your T-shirt and want one please use the link above!

Opportunities for Connection


Upcoming Support Calls: If you are interested in offering a support call or have an idea for one please reach out to As always you can view the support calls open to UUMA members . For the time being we are taking a break on offering a call for all religious professionals.

Clergy Support: Faith Matters Network is providing free peer support sessions for clergy, organizers and activists experiencing COVID 19 additional pressures. Please note that this is not psychotherapy or trauma care, however, there is a referral network for that in the intake process also. Visit:


Be in Touch!


Please share your questions,

feedback, and ideas!


Thank you for your service in the world

and for your commitment and passion

for ministry.




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