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Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Weekly News and Reflections

June 26, 2020

Sana Saeed

Dear UUMA Colleagues,


It’s been quite a year to be part of the wonderful staff team at the UUMA. Transitioning from being intern to being in an administrative role was the right decision for me and I have learned so much, including developing a love for Google spreadsheets and trying out my tech support skills.


I leave with mixed emotions as I've come to think of you colleagues as a loving, rigorous, and supportive family -- a family that has helped me grow in all aspects of my life; personally, professionally and emotionally over the last three years. We have done incredible and difficult work together as an association and will continue to reflect on the ways the UUMA has transformed over the last three years. I’m looking forward to continuing to participate in co-creating our liberation as a UUMA member as I move into the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Central East Region as their Congregational Life Field Staff this July.


Eternally grateful,




Membership Renewals - NOW OPEN!


It's that time again! UUMA memberships are up for renewal and will expire June 30th.


Dues: You can start paying dues ! Dues must be paid by October 15, 2020 to retain membership in the UUMA. To renew, log in to your profile at uuma.org and click on the Membership Info link in the My Profile menu. Our dues structure can be found .


About Waivers: Money should never be a reason to not be a member of the UUMA! New waiver requests are due by October 15. The application process now requires that all those asking for a partial waiver only need to submit a good will statement to be automatically granted a 3 year partial waiver. To read more about partial and full waivers and to submit an application .


Membership Discounts: If you belong to a separate organization that is necessary to your ministry, you may use a discount code to deduct a portion of your dues. One code is allowed per membership. If applying this code to your membership brings your dues amount below the minimum, you are requested to pay the minimum. to view available codes.


Our primary contact for membership is changing - Hannah Franco-Isaacs will be on maternity leave starting July 1 and Michelle Pederson will be our temporary replacement. Please reach out to with questions about your membership.

Welcome New Members!


We are so happy to have the chance to welcome our newest UUMA members. These wonderful folks have joined between July 1, 2019 and today. We welcome you all! Colleagues, if there is someone on this list who you know personally or with whom you have crossed paths in your cluster or chapter, please help us extend the hospitality by dropping them a note of welcome to the UUMA.


Joe Welker, Alia Shinbrough, Margaret Rieser, Sarah Clark-Farnell, Epiphany Paris, Althea Smith, Matthew Pargeter-Villareal, Sabrina Trupia, Ethan Loewi, Elizabeth Haralam Shuba, Carrie McEvoy, Alison Duren-Sutherland, McKayla Hoffman, Deeneen Evans, Michelle Leebens-Mack, Jennifer Crawford, Aija Duelm, James Underberg, Jennifer Alvia, Mark Cutolo, Rowan Van Ness, Rylee Uhrich, Kathryn Adams, Anne Clough, George Grimm-Howell, Nina Lytton, Adam Slate, Michele Nierle, Kikanza Nuri-Robins, Vanessa Williams, Erien Babcock, Trish Brownlee, Stephani Pescitelli, Omega Burckhardt, Yuri Yamamoto, Kirk Freeman, Sarah Osborne, Betty Churchman, Rebecca Bernard, Anthony Cruz, Gregory Cline, Joseph Gabaeff, Azanda Sasa Sasa, Sarah Pendergrass, Shae Dent, Daniel Lawlor, Fayre Stephenson, Helen Rose, Martha Bognor, Adrian Graham, Jennifer Springsteen, Jonathan Sallée, EN Hill, Amelia Shenstone, Rachel Rogers, Ray Ann Hommeyer, Susan Chorley

New Member Collage used in the Milestones Worship Service at Ministry Days 2020


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