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Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Weekly News and Reflections

June 19, 2020

We are so grateful for your patience and understanding while we all adjust to a new system. We are discovering that the links previously posted don't work well for many of you. If you are registered for Ministry Days please click this image for a page of links for all programing.

Click image above to access links for Ministry Days! This page will stay live during Ministry Days so please bookmark it and use to access Ministry Days programming.

Annual Meeting Parts 2 and 3


The Annual Meeting reconvenes on and we are looking forward to seeing you there. If you still have questions about the proposed Guidelines revisions and were not able to take part in the Guidelines Q&A sessions, please take a moment to watch from the Ethics and Guidelines Committees.


We have been busy looking at how we can improve the meeting and have some information to share with you below.


Progressive Stack: This year the membership approved the use of a progressive stack. Check out to learn more about the process and how you can request to speak during the meeting. No time to watch? Here are the take aways:

  • If you wish to speak towards an issue you can send a message to the Queue Manager in the following format: PS:yes, PS:no Pro/Con/Procedural/Question. PS = Progressive Stack. We will alternate requests to speak pro then con. While procedural questions will be given priority before Pro/Con, general questions will be addressed as time allows. As our time together is limited we ask you seek out the or committee if you have any content questions before the meeting.

In Meeting Voting: All motions before the membership will be presented on an electronic ballot and available over an extended period of time to vote however there will be times in the meeting where the body will need to vote. The election tellers have met and created a new plan for in meeting voting. When we need to vote to extend discussion time or when we vote on an amendment to a motion we will use the zoom poll system (we have taken steps to correct the errors that occurred last meeting). For those who can not see the poll box you may send a chat message with your vote to one of the three Tellers and it will be included in the tally.


Commission on Institutional Change: We are pleased to welcome the Commission to part 3 of our annual meeting. If you have not yet reviewed their report you can .

Upcoming Events


Conversation with Susan Fredrick-Gray: After our meeting on Monday we will regather at 3PM EDT to be in conversation with UUA President Susan Fredrick-Gray. If you have questions or any topics you would like to address to Susan, please . We will be using a progressive stack here as well so please indicate PS/Yes or PS/No when you send in your question or comment.


Guidelines Small Group Discussions: If you were not able to attend the Guidelines Q&A held today, you can access the . If you were hoping to attend a Guidelines Small Group Discussion today at 5pm ET/ 2pm PT and did not receive an email with a link, it may be that we didn't have you on our preregistration list. Please reach out who will be available to help people access today's small groups.


If you are registered for Ministry Days, please continue to check your email for . We thank you for your patience and understanding during tech problems!

Important Links for Annual Meeting

Electronic Voting opens one hour after the close of the June 22nd meeting and closes Tues, June 23rd @ 1:00 EDT. In order to vote on the amendments you must be present in the meeting on Monday June 22.


Happy Birthday We wish we were together to celebrate  but wish you a happy birthday from afar!!


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