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Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Weekly News and Reflections
Janette Lallier peeking out of an open castle door

Janette peeking out of a castle door in Germany

It's A Small World


I suppose Walt Disney’s It’s A Small World is partly responsible for my thirst to learn about and live in different cultures. I wore the grooves off my record and spent hours engrossed in the companion book showing people and images from around the world – all so different from what was outside my window. My first time out of the country was when my family drove from Connecticut to Canada to visit my mother’s family in Quebec. How disappointed my brother and I were when we crossed the border and nothing changed. I am not sure what we expected, but what we found were the same highways, cars, and green trees. We were a little pleased to see the street signs change to French but that is all our growing minds could find different… the accents in the homes were the same as my grandparents and our cheeks burned from pinches and kisses just as they did back home.


This summer I am experimenting with just how mobile a mobile office can be and am working from Germany, specifically Freiburg. On the border of Germany, France and Switzerland – the region of Alsace-Lorraine -many of the cities in the region have either been French or German depending upon when, and who, you ask. Being an ethnic mix of German and French heritage myself I have often answered one way or the other over the years.


When calling home, the first question is “What’s Different?” Exiting customs to be greeted by a Starbucks, my reaction was a not unlike crossing into Canada all those years ago. But despite the pervasive influence of US culture, there are of course many differences. On the surface there is the language, the food, customs around tipping, expectations around time, etc. but what has been more challenging, and exciting, has been all those things that lie below the surface. Knowing, despite my language deficits, I can never really know what is truly going on. I find myself in a foreign land that is truly international and am learning to stay open to all the meanings and possibilities that appear in every encounter.


This past June you, as delegates to the UUA and members in the UUMA, voted to make simple changes in the wording for MFC Rules and UUMA Guidelines. A word change from Final to Full Fellowship, like culture, seemingly simple on the surface is full of meaning and possibility below the surface. By making a commitment to the learning ministry you are affirming that there is always something more to know, understand, more ways to grow. To do this you will need to stay open in mind, spirit, and heart –as your professional association, the UUMA is excited to partner with you in this adventure and is preparing to support you in your journey!

hand writing arrow with the words continuing education

Continuing Education Hours


In the last UUMA Weekly, we shared with you the Continuing Education Standards that have been developed. If you missed that, you can . We are asking you to try them out for the year by using the tracking system on the UUMA website.


To enter your Continuing Education Experiences and Hours:


-From the , in the box that says “My Profile,” click on manage profile.

-Scroll down to the section titled “Contents and Features.” Select Professional Development. This page is where you will see your transcript of continuing education.

-Under the box click on “Add Entry” which has a plus sign next to it.

-You will see a pop-up form.

-The top line asks for certification/program. If you are meeting the Antiracism, Anti-oppression, and Multiculturalism or Ministerial Ethics/Sexual Misconduct Prevention/Professional Boundaries requirement select those, otherwise select General Continuing Education.

-The next line asks for credit type, which is the methodology used (see the Continuing Education Standards linked above). It automatically defaults to the current date, which is fine.

-Under description, put in the name of the course, book or experience.

-Under credits, put in the hours (note that a continuing education (CE) hour is equal to 60 minutes of educational time).

-Nothing else needs to be filled out unless it is helpful to you in some way.


Courses taken on UUMA Learning Online will automatically be entered into your record by the system. If you have questions about entering in your hours, contact Allison King, Education Program Assitant at .


Know that we are not adjudicating whether your entry is appropriate. We expect that you will consult the Continuing Education Standards and we trust that you are engaging in the education that meets your needs and that you are filling out the form with integrity. If you have questions about whether something fits, feel free to contact Rev. Darrick Jackson, Director of Education at .


As an incentive to try the system out, we are offering two raffles!


Anyone who tracks at least 1 hour in the system by June 30, 2020 will be entered into a raffle for a free registration to the .

Anyone who tracks at least 20 hours by June 30, 2020 will be entered into a raffle to win registration and housing to the



image reads now enrolling for the 2019-2020 Ministerial Formation Network. Join this supportive, collegial community at uuma.org/page/mfn

Ministerial Formation Network Enrollment for 2019-2020 Now Open


We are excited to be opening enrollment for all aspirants and candidates who would like to take part in the Ministerial Formation Network this academic year. The MFN provides collegiality, discernment support and supplemental education free of charge. Participants in the program have expressed gratitude for the advising and learning and connections they have developed through the MFN. They have also given us helpful feedback which we are using to make the experience even more responsive to the needs and concerns of people preparing for ministry today.


to learn more about the support the Ministerial Formation Network can offer you in your formation and to sign up for this academic year. When you do, please note that the dates, times and locations for the retreats we will hold this academic year have all been set and most are in the fall. to sign up for a regional retreat, which is also free of charge. (You will see that we have not yet opened registration for the reception at the TRUUsT gathering, the retreat adjacent to FOWH or the retreat prior to Ministry Days. These will be open later in the year.)


If you have any questions about the MFN in general or retreats in particular, please contact , Director of Collegial Practices.


Are you a fellowshipped minister who may be interested in serving as a Vocational Advisor or Discernment Group leader this year, please follow the links below to fill out an interest form:



Filling out an interest form is not a commitment to volunteer, but rather just an indication of your willingness to consider the role. We’ll be in touch to follow up about your interest if we have particular people or roles we'd like you to consider.


Be in Touch!


Please share your questions,

feedback, and ideas!


Thank you for your service in the world

and for your commitment and passion

for ministry.




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