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Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Weekly News and Reflections

Julica Hermann de la Fuente, UUMA Intern

Welcoming UUMA Intern

Julica Hermann de la Fuente!


Greetings colleagues,


I am tremendously excited to begin my service as the intern minister here at our UUMA. I find my excitement is all-encompassing, ranging from the wonderful feeling of being in the right place at the right time, all the way to the fact that I have a new email account and therefore a zero inbox! We shall see how long I am able to maintain that minor miracle.


As I embark on this journey, I am mindful of the systems and structures that I need to put into place to maintain and increase my capacity to do the anti-racism and anti-oppression work that is my calling. I look forward to sharing with you in future updates how that process is going and what am I am learning along the way.


Speaking of learning and being in the right place at the right time: I am so interested in the organizational level work to decenter white supremacy culture that the UUMA has begun under the leadership of the Executive Team and the UUMA Board of Trustees. I am still in the process of negotiating my learning agreement, but one question that I bring to my internship is this: how do we help a group of people shift TOGETHER in the direction of more robust anti-racism practices without creating schisms or doing more damage? I think our work around the guidelines and the continuing education program will be a great praxis space, and I look forward to sharing my learning so that you can apply it to the communities and congregations where you serve.


As they say in my country of birth: ¡Arriba y Adelante! ¡Pa’tras ni pa’ agarrar vuelo!


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Mission and Vision Survey


In the past couple of years, we have engaged you in conversations about the functions of the UUMA. We are building on that work now as we renew our mission and vision. To inform that process, we’d like to know your thoughts. Please take no later than September 30.


To read more about this exciting time of mission and vision renewal to read an article from Rev. Rod Richards, UUMA Board of Trustees Vice President.

Important Reminders


Add Your Voice! The UUMA maintains a recommended scale of minimum fees for services and rites of passage. The last time the scale was updated was 2011 – it’s time!! Please take a moment to complete concerning the fees you ask and/or receive for services.


MFN Registration is OPEN for most retreats. Sign up today as deadlines for registering for the earliest retreats are approaching fast. More information can be found by .


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