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Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, Weekly News and Reflections

November 22, 2019

Darrick Jackson, Director of Education

I See You. I Am Here.


Several years ago, I read that in the Zulu culture, they greet each other by saying, “I see you” with the response “I am here.” That call and response has stuck with me. By seeing you, I bring you into existence. And by saying, “I am here,” I am validating your observation. That sense of mutuality feels comforting in a culture that celebrates self-centered individualism. It acknowledges a human need to be seen fully and completely and reminds me that I am part of a “we” and that I am not alone.


A few weeks ago, I attended BLUU’s Harper Jordan Symposium. There I felt seen, present, and held. We engaged some complex ideas, sometimes disagreed with one another, but still worshiped and fellowshipped as one loving body. It was a moment when the promise of Unitarian Universalism was made real.


I wonder if our collegial spaces, and all our UU spaces, can be one where everyone is wholly seen? Our faith calls us to that ideal with our first and seventh principles. And yet it still feels like a dream deferred. I am trying to create those spaces where and when I can. This week we held the first UU Religious Professionals of Color Fall Centering Circle. In collaboration with the UUA, these circles are opportunities for participants to connect and explore spiritual and embodied practices of resilience in the face of the trauma of oppression. We will have another one next week and hope to make it a regular Fall counterpart to Finding Our Way Home. What might you do to create a space where everyone is wholly seen?


Loving Spirit, Giver of life and compassion,

See me.

Move past the masks and armor

Witness my soul’s longings

Bring me to life.

Let me BE

Fully, completely me

And may I offer this blessing of seeing

Truly and deeply

To those who need it most.

Blessed Be


Peer Coaching


Are there skills you are looking to develop in your ministry? Are you entering the search process? Are you discerning the evolution of your call? Are you considering retirement? It might be time to try coaching. No matter how long we’ve been serving, we never have every art of ministry completely perfected. Peer clergy coaching can provide clarity, encouragement, structure, and accountability to help you grow. There are two options for coaching:

-Traditional coaching: which offers coaching roughly once per month over 8-9 months.

-Fast track coaching: which includes 4 to 6 one-hour meetings held every other week.

For more information or to sign up, visit or email



Transforming Hearts Collective:

Just a few weeks to register for the Transforming Hearts Collective’s Transgender Inclusion in Congregations course. We are grateful for the 50 members who signed up so that we unlocked the 20% discount. for more information and to register by December 1.


Prayer Circle for Black, Indigenous and People of Color:

This program was rescheduled due to a scheduling conflict. You are welcome to register for this gathering now scheduled for .


Right Relationship Town Halls:

You are warmly invited to join us at any one of the following times for generative conversation about the theology and practice of right relationship. (We'll ask the same questions on each call and since they are about conversation and exploration, they will not be recorded for later sharing).

(all UUMA members welcome)

(BIPoC, Trans/Non Binary and Disabled Colleagues welcome)



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