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March 8, 2019

Prophetic Ministry in Our Own House: A Reflection from the Director of Collegial Practices


Melissa Carvill Ziemer, Director of Collegial Practices

If you missed our March 6th public statement, please click here.


To our trans colleagues: I know it is has been a hard week for you in our faith. I am sorry for the heartache that has been laid upon you. I am grateful for the way in which so many of you organized and educated and consulted and cared for each other in the midst of the pain. Your ministry and your leadership is a blessing to the world. Thank you for answering the call to serve. As your professional association, we pledge to do our very best to work in solidarity with you and in support of your ministries.


To our colleagues who have been practicing being allies and accomplices for justice this week: Thank you for the ways you have worked to lift up the leadership of trans leaders. Thank you for using your voice and your networks to amplify the call to understanding, learning, and growing. Whenever we engage in prophetic ministry, may we remember that our work is both to follow impacted people and to find appropriate ways to take leadership in our ministry contexts. May we do this work with courage, with humility, and with awareness that there is much for us to learn in this too.


To our colleagues who may not be aware of the context for this message: thank you for reading today so that you can tune in to an important moment for learning and growth in our faith. There are several pieces I encourage you to set aside time to read and reflect upon, beginning with the article in the latest issue of UU World magazine titled and then continuing, in the order in which they were released, with the following statements:


If you need conversation partners to help you process all there is to learn here, I hope you will reach out to a cisgender colleague who you know is committed to supporting the work of trans liberation to join you in conversation. And when you are ready, I encourage you to find ways to bring your learning and leadership back into your ministry context. Your leadership in supporting the trans folks in your ministry context is vital. And your role in supporting faith formation for the folks in your ministry context who may not have had access to the wider conversation beyond the original UU World article is essential.


We at the UUMA are deeply grateful for all of you and for your commitment to serve the Holy in all the ways you are called.


In faith,



The Future of Continuing Education at the UUMA


Please join Darrick Jackson, Director of Education, for a conversation on the future of continuing education at the UUMA. We will be talking about the new online learning platform, as well as the status of the recommendations from the Continuing Education Task Force. The conversation will be via Zoom on March 26 at 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific.



Call for Submissions for Offerings Publication


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We are calling for submissions for our next edition of Offerings, our publication promoting entrepreneurial ministry, private practice, classes, retreats, books and other events. If you are engaged in something you think other Unitarian Universalist ministers might like to know about, please send us a title and description (no more than 250 words) with any pictures or web links to by April 15. To see submission guidelines,


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