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February 1, 2019

From 'Learned' to 'Learning': A Reflection from the UUMA Board


Walter LeFlore, UUMA Board Member

In its blog post of November 12, 2018, the Commission on Institutional Change made a number of recommendations. One of which reads:


“Continuing education for all religious professionals including ministers. To this end, we support the call for the end of ‘final fellowship’ and support the idea of ‘full fellowship,’ a status which acknowledges a deeper level of professional knowledge and confers the ability to serve in certain leadership positions and to supervise those undergoing credentialing or in need of mentorship, and call for ongoing professional development in order to maintain full fellowship status.”


Your board has taken this recommendation seriously and has folded it into ongoing conversations regarding our desire to support and enhance professional ministry. One outcome is our plan to recommend changes to the ethics and accountability segments of our guidelines at our next UUMA annual meeting. Another outcome is that we have come to believe the time is ripe for us to move away from an understanding of ministry as a “learned” profession and toward an understanding of ministry as a “learning” profession. To this end, the UUMA Board supports the idea that practicing ministers in Fellowship with the UUA should be continuing to learn throughout the duration of their ministerial careers. We feel that the change in language from Final to Full Fellowship, though small and subtle, may help us move in that direction.


The board has been in conversation with the MFC and has gained their support for such a change in language and intent. We brought a bylaw change proposal to the UUA board for their consideration. The UUA board voted to support placing this bylaw change on the General Assembly agenda. While final language for the bylaw change has not yet been crafted, we expect to request the change in language from Final to Full Fellowship be applicable to all those currently in Final Fellowship in addition to all those reaching that milestone in the future. If approved, we anticipate the change will go into effect immediately after General Assembly.


We are pleased to be working in concert with the UUA in helping to move professional ministry in a direction that helps to ensure it stays current and in accord with the changing needs of our ministries. We ask your support of this change.


Walter LeFlore

Member-at-Large, UUMA Board of Trustees


If you missed the we recently released, it may be helpful for a fuller understanding of the change we are leading toward.

Conversations About Collegiality Scheduled


As you may have read in , the UUMA’s Collegial Development Team is focused on gaining a fuller understanding of what we mean by 'collegiality.' Collegiality is a central value for members of the UUMA, but it is not clear that we all have common agreement about what collegiality is and how we can practice it well. To deepen our understanding of your perspectives, we will be hosting two open conversations about collegiality. We hope that the conversations will be generative for the people who participate and we trust that they will be helpful to us in our work of exploring how we can support and strengthen our collegial practices.


Nell Newton and Nic Cable will be leading 75 minute facilitated conversations about collegiality on Tuesday, February 26 at 12pm PST/1 pm MST / 2pm CST/ 3pm EST and Friday, March 1 at 9 am PST/ 10 am MST/ 11 am CST/ 12 pm EST. Each call will be capped at 20 participants to allow time for everyone to share. to register for either one of the calls.


Printing Tax Receipts


If you made a donation to one of the UUMA funds in 2018, you should have received a link to the receipt in email at the time of the donation. If you would like to print a receipt for tax purposes, you can find it archived online. Each of the funds has a unique receipt (Scholarship, 25/50 Service, Sustaining the Call, Life Member Donation, Spiritual Direction Fund, etc.).


Here's how to find and print your receipt:

  1. Log in to your profile at
  2. Navigate to Manage Profile: Donations (If you are currently logged in, )
  3. To print your invoice/receipt* click on the icon that looks like a sheet of paper

Please contact king@uuma.org if you are unable to access your receipt. Thank you for your generosity!


* You may also print your membership dues receipt by navigating to Manage My Profile: Membership and clicking on the invoice/receipt icon.


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