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April 5, 2019

This Is For You: A Prayer from the Director of Collegial Practices


Melissa Carvill Ziemer, Director of Collegial Practices

This is for the calling,

whether it came early or late or just in time,

and the way you found to begin to answer.

For the years of preparation and stretching,

of growing and forming, of learning

to more fully open yourself to yourself,

to others, to life, to love, to mystery, to the Beloved.

For all the not-knowing and discerning and exploring

how our gifts can bless the world,

and for the ways we sometimes struggle to find

a setting for our ministries filled with yes.


This is for your ministries,

which are powerful in the ways that are

unique and particular to you,

and which are powerful because they are part of something

so much larger than you.

For the countless ways you sing praises to the Holy

and surrender your desire to control

so that you can be a presence to what is,

and for the ways you let the spirit of love and justice lead you

to the essential and never-ending work

of living into the Beloved Community that yet may be,

and for the people and the practices which help you to know

what might be required of you in your leadership when it isn’t exactly clear.


This is for our families, by blood or by choice,

for the ones in our intimate circle,

for we know that they are affected by this choice we have made.

May they experience so much more

of the blessings of ministry than the burdens,

especially our children, who we are raising in this faith.


This is for you, dear colleagues,

whether you are beginning or ending or right in the middle of your ministries,

this is a prayer for you and your beloveds.


May you be well.

May you be guided by love.

May you be guided toward justice.

May you be honored by the blessings of ministry in this faith.

And when the way is hard, may you be sustained by grace.


A UUMA Chapter for Ministers and Seminarians of Color


Colleagues, we are honored and excited to announce the formation of a new UUMA Chapter for Ministers and Seminarians of Color. We are inviting interested persons to indicate their interest and commitment by completing a short membership form and voting for our founding Council, Good Officers and Student Liaisons.


Deadline: April 30, 2019

Please only fill out this survey if you identify as a Person of Color.


Our gratitude to the many hearts and hands who labored to bring this to fruition and for those who have stepped forward to serve.


With faith,

Your Outreach Team

Rev. Sofia Betancourt, Rev. Carol Cissel, and Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons


Reminder for April Deadlines



Two great opportunities have April deadlines quickly approaching:


Friday, April 12: Ministry Days Scholarship Applications Due

Thanks to the generosity of our members, the UUMA is able to provide scholarships to defray the cost of participation in Ministry Days. If a little extra support would make the difference in your attending Ministry Days, . The deadline is April 12 and levels of support include: 50% reduction of the registration fee, full waiver of the registration fee, full waiver of the registration fee plus $100, full waiver of the registration fee plus $200.


The Scholarship Fund is always in need of generous sponsors. .


Monday, April 15: Submissions for Offerings Publication Due

We are calling for submissions for our next edition of Offerings, our publication promoting entrepreneurial ministry, private practice, classes, retreats, books and other events. If you are engaged in something you think other Unitarian Universalist ministers might like to know about, please send us a title and description (no more than 250 words) with any pictures or web links to by April 15. .



Be in Touch!


Please share your questions,

feedback, and ideas!


Thank you for your service in the world

and for your commitment and passion

for ministry.




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