Eric Kaminetzky, UUMA Board Vice-President
From the UUMA Board
Your UUMA is working to broaden the welcome into UUMA leadership, so that we include more of us who hold more kinds of statuses and identities, both statuses and identities we bring and those we can achieve. Along the way, we hope to move beyond a culture of leadership in which opportunity travels within the confines of people already known and liked by existing leaders.
Your UUMA Board has charged itself to implement a leadership ethos that seeks to welcome more kinds of people with more kinds of experiences, so that our UUMA can be more effectively responsive to the world in real time.
To that end, we have gathered a team to work toward this goal in the form of a Leadership Development Task Force. Team members include Amy Zucker Morgenstern, Leslie Takahashi, Jennifer Ryu, Wayne Arnason, Leon Dunkley, Cheryl M. Walker, Melissa Carvill Ziemer, and me, Eric Kaminetzky.
As a team, we intend to explore what it can mean to actively support developing leaders, "in-house", in addition to inviting already developed leaders into helping move the UUMA further toward our goals of inclusion, equity, and heart-filled support of Unitarian Universalist Ministers and Ministry.
As we figure out our deliverables and timeframes we will share those with you.
In the meantime, if you have been yearning to participate in growing, maintaining, strengthening, and stretching our Ministers Association, we hope to welcome you into service warmly and competently.
block2Leadership Opportunities in the UUMA

The UUMA is looking for new leaders for several important committees including CENTER (Continuing Education Network for Training, Enrichment and Renewal), the Collegial Development Team, the Good Offices Coordinating Team and the Committee on Antiracism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism.We may also have a few openings for Ministerial Formation Network Chapter Liaisons.If you are interested in being considered for any of these roles, we typically begin recruiting by looking at UUMA Profiles for committee interest.You can indicate your interest in serving on any of these committees by logging on to the UUMA website, clicking on "Manage Profile" in the yellow text box and then selecting "Edit Bio."Scroll down the bio page for the field called "UUMA Committee Interest."Please update your profile by mid May if you'd like us to consider you in our recruiting.When developing short lists for recruiting, we consider interest, relevant experience, identity, geography and the particular leadership needs or open portfolios on the committee.

You can learn more about each of these committees on the UUMA website under the "About Us" section of the website.You are also welcome to contact Darrick directly about CENTER, Melissa about the Collegial Development Team and the Good Offices Coordinating Team, and either Melissa or Darrick about CARAOM.
Program Assistant Update: In order to broaden our applicant pool,we are extending applications for the Program Assistant position until May 11. You can find the job description at If you have any questions, contact Darrick Jackson at
2018 Annual Meeting Packet:Click here to access an online copy of the 2018 Annual Meeting Packet.
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