UUMA Board Member Walter LeFlore
From the UUMA Board

They say, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." I sure hope so. But sometimes we have to take things on faith. Sometimes there is little we can point to that substantiates such a claim. In fact, there are times when circumstances and events seem to be proof to the contrary.
When the nation's top security agencies tell us our electoral processes have been tampered with and our elected officials seem unconcerned, one is left to wonder. When mass killings in schools and neighborhoods, with weapons of war, become common occurrences one can't help but wonder.
When sexual predation can be found in virtually every corner of society, we can question the very existence of justice. When there is open conflict within our congregations, we can wonder where one might find a moral universe.
Yet life goes on. We are called to make choices about how we will act and react. We are free to choose what to focus on, even when it feels like we have no choice. Not choosing is a choice. We are always free to choose. And if we are fortunate, we have dear ones to remind us!
After sitting with despair for what seemed like a very long time, I heard my dear ones. May I be one of your dear ones and remind you of choice? If so, I would point you to the song by Gibbons and Shelton, Life Calls Us On. It tells us sweetly, Love, Hope, Faith and Life itself, calls us on.
In Faith,
Walter LeFlore
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Sacred Disobedience
Join us for an evening of radical local justice support. We Unitarian Universalists are theologically wed to disobedience, as we were forged in the fire of the protest-ant reformation, bonded in this nation's struggles to become, and now are a well-enough organized machine to disrupt with our numbers, our intelligence, and our passion. Kansas City has long struggled with segregation, gentrification, and poverty; in conjunction with the Poor People's Campaign's 40 days of civil disobedience, local organizers are planning an evening of beautiful disobedience that will function only with the power of the cloth. Seeing that the presence of clergy is imperative for this to work, please adorn yourself in vestments as you see fit. As in any risky situation, you are invited to participate in a variety of roles; from risk-free witness at the convention center to side-line solidarity, to protection through direct action. Our strategy of disobedience is to surround and protect all that is life-giving, nourishing, beautiful, and moral. This event is organized conjunction with the Kansas Poor People's Campaign under the leadership of local organizers and Rev. Rose Schwab, state-wide chair of the "PPC" and senior minister of Shawnee Mission UU Church on the Kansas side of KC.
Registration information will be available later this spring.
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