There are so many articles floating around online this week. One
particular article I am inspired by is the article,9 Creative New
Year's Resolutionsby Julia Fawal and
Sana Saeed, UUMA Intern Minister
Nadia Petschek Rawls. The list includes,
  1. Watch 10 movies that were written or directed by women.
  2. Choose one person you disagree with and take them out to lunch.
  3. Schedule weekly time to be bored.
  4. Become pen pals with someone in prison.
  5. Do one thing that scares you - knowing you'll get rejected.
  6. Talk to a stranger every week.
  7. Celebrate one of your failures with friends.
  8. Say yes to everything for one month.
  9. Buy fruits and vegetables that don't look perfect.
The best thing about each resolution were the links to some remarkable TED talks by people who took on doing these resolutions. I saw some familiar resolutions, like being a pen pal with someone in prison or buying fruits and vegetables that don't look perfect. Another one, I had on my list in the past was saying yes to everything for one month, except I added an addendum. Saying yes toread more...
coachingCoaching for Search
Are you in search this year? The UUMA peer clergy coaching program could be a resource for you. Our Fast Track Coaching program offers 4 to 6 sessions, roughly every other week, in order to provide focused support and coaching on a particular goal. A peer clergy coach could offer you the chance to get clear on your own reactions and observations to search committees and congregations, help you structure your preparation, offer encouragement, and help remaining accountable to your calling and vision for ministry in the process. The cost for fast track coaching is $150, with some limited financial assistance available.
If you would like to schedule an exploratory session to discuss whether this type of coaching is right for you, begin the process by signing up here.
If you are in preliminary fellowship, you have access to this type of coaching provided you have a referral from Rev. Alicia Forde, the UUA's Professional Development Director. You can request a referral from Alicia at
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