There are so many articles floating around online this week. One 
particular article I am inspired by is the article, 9 Creative New 
Year's Resolutions by Julia Fawal and 
Nadia Petschek Rawls. The list includes,
  1. Watch 10 movies that were written or directed by women.
  2. Choose one person you disagree with and take them out to lunch.
  3. Schedule weekly time to be bored.
  4. Become pen pals with someone in prison.
  5. Do one thing that scares you - knowing you'll get rejected.
  6. Talk to a stranger every week.
  7. Celebrate one of your failures with friends.
  8. Say yes to everything for one month.
  9. Buy fruits and vegetables that don't look perfect.
The best thing about each resolution were the links to some remarkable TED talks by people who took on doing these resolutions. I saw some familiar resolutions, like being a pen pal with someone in prison or buying fruits and vegetables that don't look perfect. Another one, I had on my list in the past was saying yes to everything for one month, except I added an addendum. Saying yes to everything -which could be an interesting opportunity or something that I didn't think I could do - for a month. Acting on this resolution helped open some doors in my life that I'm grateful for, but I also learned the value of saying no as a professional and most importantly saying no to prevent burn out.
What I see in some of these resolutions above is a call to sit in discomfort and use that experience for transformation or growth. It's been something on my mind since the last MFN Webinar on Building a Beloved Community, where a participant spoke on the dharma of discomfort.
So, I've decided to add sitting in discomfort to my list for this year.  One way I'm aiming to sit in discomfort is by taking more trainings in areas where I can use more growth and not shy away from admitting that to myself or others. For example, at the UUMA Institute I'm signed up to take the Spiritual Leadership for Stewardship and Fundraising: Enough Already! session as one of the first steps to act on my resolution. I'm awkward around fundraising, though I've done it in the past, and I want to learn to feel comfortable asking for money when it comes to causes/campaigns important to me, and for growth and livelihood of the spiritual community I'm leading.
I also want to include some of the list above such as choosing one person I disagree with and taking them out to lunch every month. I'm going to watch 10 movies that were written or directed by women of color. I would love to celebrate one of my failures as long as it wasn't a failure that was harmful to others. Doing one thing that scares me - knowing I'll be rejected sounds uncomfortable and maybe is another area of discomfort I need to sit in. Either way, I'm looking forward to the learning ahead this year. To end, I'd like to ask you, how can you sit in discomfort and use that as a point of transformation this year for your ministry?