2018 UUMA CENTERInstitute for
Excellence in Ministry Countdown #3
January 22-26, 2018
Innisbrook Conference Center
Palm Harbor, FL

At most meals we will have some volunteers who will be available to navigate the buffet lines if you need an extra hand. They will be wearing special name tags - if you need help please ask! A number of bathrooms have been designated as gender neutral in the three program Halls.
Please note: We do our best to ensure that UUMA events are nut-free. Please do not bring food into the event which may contain nuts - a number of our members are severely allergic. During meals and breaks please allow members who have specific dietary needs to use the buffets first.
We have arranged for every seminar to have two microphones (for presenter and participants) to ensure everyone can hear well. Please use the microphones when you speak, even if you think you have a loud voice. In addition, hearing assist devices are available in the main hall for those who requested in advance. Large print copies are available upon request.
Accessibility Shuttle: in addition to the Innisbrook Shuttles, we have rented a golf cart to help folks who
may need assistance navigating walking distances. This special service is intended to be used, during program
hours, by those who indicated the need for assistance on their registration but no one needing assistance will
be turned away. Stop by the registration table for directions on how to use the system and a special pass.
Spiritual Practices

Soft Zen meditation- Alex Holt
We will have time for quiet mindfulness practice with a guided meditation on forgiveness and facing
the day ahead. All welcome including those who haven't meditated for awhile.
Yoga- Alex McGee
Start your morning with sun salutations, basic postures, and relaxation. Finish with a sense of
energized calm. This class is designed for people who are already familiar with yoga or are free of
injury and can easily get up and down from the floor. Alex McGee has been studying and teaching
yoga practices, philosophy, and history for many decades and loves adapting yoga to serve people in
any setting.
Yoga as a Spiritual Practice- Claudia Simpson
Start the day with a body and soul-nourishing yoga practice. We'll move slowly through a series of
basic postures as we befriend the body and soothe the nervous system. We'll recharge and balance
energy through guided breathing, rounding out with mindfulness meditation. Come, relax deeply and
attune to your center of universal wisdom.
Writing to Keep the Heart's Ear Open- Karen Hering
Begin your day with writing as a spiritual practice. These guided sessions, led by literary minister and
author Karen Hering, offer poetry, images and writing prompts to encourage deep reflection and new
insights on the theme: "Answering Our Call: A Correspondence Between Heart and World." Bring
whatever you need to write. The rest will be provided. Karen is author of Writing to Wake the Soul:
Opening The Sacred Conversation Within and serves as consulting literary minister at Unity Church-
Unitarian, St. Paul, MN. www.karenhering.com
Ip Sun Tai Chi and Chi Gong- Nell Newton
Join Nell Newton for morning Tai Chi and Chi Gong exercise to recreate the internal and external
universe anew each day! We will start with gentle movement and breathing practice then warm up to
full body stretching and movement. No previous experience needed and all body abilities will be
accommodated. Please wear clothing and footwear that permit easy movement. Nell has studied and
taught the soft side of the martial arts for over 35 years. She holds a 6th degree black belt in Tukong
Moosul and is a master instructor that delights in teaching beginners and advanced students alike.
DAY Description HI/LO Precip.
Sun Jan21 Partly Cloudy 78°/60° 10% 66%
Mon Jan 22 Mostly Sunny 81°/64° 10% 71%
Tue Jan23 AM Showers 73°/52° 50% 84%
Wed Jan24 AM Clouds/
PM Sun
70°/51° 0% 50%
Thu Jan25 Partly Cloudy 70°/54° 0% 52%
Fri Jan26 Partly Cloudy 74°/60° 0% 61%
Sat Jan27 Mostly Cloudy 75°/63° 10% 71%

Facebook Invite

During the Institute, Facebook will be one of the places where we will post information. If you have not already, please like our Institute Facebook page so that you can be sure to be up-to-date.
Sign Up For Institute Meet-ups!
This year we are making it easier than ever to gather groups of people together for conversation, meet and greets, games, yoga, or whatever else you'd like to do! We have created a Meet-up group for the UUMA and anyone can create a Meet-up or look over what's been created and join in. Here's what to do:
  1. Join Meet-up or sign in here:http://www.meetup.com
  2. Join the UUMA Meet-up here:www.meetup.com/Unitarian-Universalist-Ministers-Association
You need to be approved to be a member, which we do manually, so make sure to sign up before the Institute!See the Prepacket for more information about starting a Meetup!
January 20, 2018

Link to Onsite Packet


If you are concerned your food needs will be met please take a moment to look over the menus and inform us of any times where you might run into a problem. Click Here
We recommend flying into the Tampa International Airport (TPA). When arriving please be advised that the airport is divided into two (2)sides: Red and Blue. From there, each side is split up into two quadrants: Blue 1 & 2 andRed 1 &2. We have contracted with Super Shuttle who provides four (4) onsite Super Shuttle booths that are located in each quadrant. For the shuttle service you may check in at any one of these booths. Super Shuttle also offers an Execucar service which meets passengers in their airline carrier's baggage claim area. Click here to make your reservation at our negotiated discount.
Have room in your rental car? Looking to connect for a ride? Check out our room & ride finder here.



We are still in need of volunteers to help out in a variety of roles during the Institute. Sign up here!
Spa Services

All participants will have access to the Salamander® Spa during the Institute. We encourage all to book their appointments during the gender neutral times, Tuesday 5-6 and Wednesday 3-6. To book an appointment call 727.942.5258 and mention that you will be with the UUMA. Book now! Spots are filling up.
Seeking Dance Input:
On Institute Thursday the UUMA will once again be gathering to spend the night dancing. To make a request of the DJ please complete this form or email Meghan Cefalu. For those who wish to socialize but are not up for a dance the UUMA Lounge will be open - bring a game to add to the lounge activities.
The following seminars have prework. Participants should have received an email about it this week. Please follow the links below for the assignments. Note that most of the seminars have a small assignment due January 15.

Helpful Links: