reflectionFrom the Acting Executive Director
I want to offer some information. Many of us are grateful to Rev. Gail Seavey for her courageous 2016 Berry Street Essay, If Our Secrets Define Us. And many of us were pained by the redaction of that essay that followed. At the Institute, I learned more fully that the disappointment in the redaction includes, for some, disappointment in the discernment of the UUMA Board of Trustees and doubts about the wisdom of their conclusions. Recognizing how much my own perspective has been shaped by access to information, I wondered to the Board whether they had shared all they could about their process with our membership. The Board discussed the limitations based on the terms of the settlement and decided there is more that they can share. In the spirit of transparency, the Board held an informational meeting with interested attendees at the Institute. And now, in that spirit, we are sharing more information with all of you. You can access a timeline that describes what our UUMA Board of Trustees encountered, experienced and pursued that ultimately resulted in the redaction of the Berry Street Essay here. That outcome was painful to our Board too; they acted as faithfully as they could in the difficult work they were called to do on our behalf. Further, it has become very clear to the Board that we have deep, systemic cultural change work before us as an association that is going to require our collective effort. Rev. Elizabeth Stevens will offer her perspective on what is needed to undo the influence of toxic patriarchy in our collegial community in this space next week.
For now, if you have any more questions or want to offer additional feedback about any of this, you are welcome to reach out to me at executive@uuma.orgor to the full Board, through our Board Secretary Rev. Kelly Weismann Asprooth-Jackson, at

All my best,
gratitudeToday I want to lift up a lot of gratitude.I am grateful for the worship and the learning and the collegiality offered to those who attended the Institute for Excellence in MinistryI am grateful for the incredible gifts of the musicians who contributed to our nurture and most especially for the musical ministry of Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout. I am grateful for the presence and leadership of ourUUA President, Rev. Susan Frederick-Grayin our gathering. If you missed the worship services or Susan's address, you can view recordings of both here.I am grateful for the gifts our seminar leaders shared and grateful for our colleagues who volunteered to help make the Institute a rewarding experience in ways little and large, visible and behind the scenes. I am especially grateful for the hard-working and generous volunteer leaders on our CENTER Committee and for all the UUMA staff who went above and beyond to help make the Institute successful, especially Janette Lallier and Rev. Darrick JacksonDarrick held primary staff responsibility for working with CENTER in planning for the Institute and he deserves our collective appreciation for a job well done.
Want to re-experience one of the amazing worship services at the 2018 Institute? Maybe you couldn't make it to one and want to catch what you missed. You are in luck, worship and vespers are now online! Check them out in the