Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson, UUMA Board Secretary
From the UUMA Board

"In literature it is only the wild that attracts us. Dullness is but another name for tameness. It is the uncivilized free and wild thinking in Hamlet and the Iliad, in all the scriptures and mythologies, not learned in the schools, that delights us. As the wild duck is more swift and beautiful than the tame, so is the wild-the mallard-thought, which 'mid falling dews wings its way above the fens. A truly good book is something as natural, and as unexpectedly and unaccountably fair and perfect, as a wild-flower discovered on the prairies of the West or in the jungles of the East."
--Henry David Thoreau, from his essay, "Walking"
Fitfully, and seemingly with great reticence (hail, for crying out loud!) spring is finally arriving at my home here in New England. It has been an odd winter, though perhaps we are consigned to have only odd winters from now on. Yet, though it was odd, it was still winter, nonetheless. Winter is the quiet time of the natural world - not because it is without sound or activity, but because it offers consistently less of each than any other season. But now, spring. The most vibrant act in the drama of the natural world. The time of wild things, and wild thoughts.
It is a good season for adventure, for shaking off the ice-coat of New England's February and March, and venturing back out into the world again. These are the days when I spy from my window my next-door-neighbor - an avid fisherman - readying his boat and hooking it up to his truck for one of the first outings of the season. It is rainy and dreary and cold still - yet, it is time. Now is the moment that calls him to return to communion read more
block3Continuing Education Task Force
A few months ago, the UUMA formed a Continuing Education Task Force in partnership with the UUA. The purpose of this task force is to explore strengthening continuing education as a part of ordained ministry. The task force consists of Alicia Forde, Jude Geiger, Darrick Jackson, Shana Lynngood, and David Pettee. As part of our work, the task force is hosting three conversations to explore what does and does not work for ministers doing continuing education. Please sign up for one of the three conversations on April 17, April 19 and April 24. If you want to know more about the work of the task force, please contact Darrick Jackson at
The deadline to apply for a scholarship to attend Ministry Days is April 9. Click here to apply.
The deadline for applications for Chaplain Coordinator and Covenantal Relations Team Coordinator for Ministry Days has been extended. A stipend is available. Apply here.