reflectionFrom the UUMA Intern
Sana Saeed
UUMA Intern
When was the first time you realized you were racially different? How old were you? What did you feel? What was that moment like for you?

I was eight years old when I discovered that I was different. My family had just moved back to the UK from Pakistan, and enrolled me in school. On one of the days in those first few months, I was approached in the school yard by four white boys, also my age. They pushed me up against the wall and punched me in the stomach, and on my arms while yelling slurs about my ethnic identity. The playground teacher stood in the distance watching it happen and didn't step in. I realized then, I was Pakistani, South Asian, Brown, I had a funny accent at the time... and that some people didn't like that about me.

When I got in the car that day after school, my mother asked me what was wrong as I was unusually silent. When she found the bruise on my stomach she realized something had happened and I saw a whole other side of my mother. She marched into the principal's office and had him do an investigation into the incident that ended up in an apology from the kids, and I never found out what happened to the playground teacher.

You may have seen in the news recently that a hate group in the UK tried to promote a campaign called "Punish a Muslim Day" to incite violence towards Muslim communities. Some Muslim folks did get hurt because of this campaign. Since, I heard about it I've been thinking a lot about conflict and how we show up for it. Read more...
We are pleased to announce that Julica Hermann de la Fuente will be serving as Covenantal Relations Team coordinator for Ministry Days. Stay tuned for more information as we clarify how best this team can serve our community.

We are also pleased to announce that Neal Anderson will be serving as Chaplain coordinator for Ministry Days. If you are interested in serving as a chaplain, we will be accepting applications until May 6. We are looking for three chaplains, with two of them being People of Color.
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