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UUMA Staff


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 Executive Team, pro tem


Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemer Rev. Darrick Jackson Janette Lallier
Director of Collegial Practices Director of Education Director of Operations

 Support Staff:

 Allison King  Hannah Franco-Isaacs  Sana Saeed
 Education Program Assistant  Administrator  Collegiality Program Assistant
 Julica Hermann de la Fuente    


UUMA Executive Team Explained:

The UUMA is engaging a shared ministry experiment with our executive function. As a part of this experiment, we have moved from a single UUMA executive director to a team of three directors for our organization. We created this document to help clarify the roles of the directors within this “pro tem” executive team, and to address questions that may arise as we engage this shift.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the roles? Our Executive Team consists of three directors managing three content areas: Collegial Practices, Education, and Operations. While all three directors are responsible for the implementation of the UUMA’s mission and vision, each director maintains lead responsibility and authority for specific programs, committees, ministries and functions. The Portfolio Chart below lists these responsibilities and authorities. Complete job descriptions for the directors, and for all of our staff, can be found at the end of this page.


What responsibilities are shared by the team? The three directors share responsibilities regarding: Organizational Development; Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, Multiculturalism; Strategic Planning, Monitoring, Chapter Connections, Liaison Relationships, and Public Voice.


Which director or staff member do I contact when I have a question, concern, or compliment? Using the Portfolio Chart, below, you can determine which director or staff member to contact. If you have a support question (how to pay your dues, register for a program, order a publication, etc) you may get a better, faster answer from one of our wonderful support staff. Portfolio descriptions for the support staff can be found at the end of this document.


Is this structure permanent, what is the timeline? The Executive Team, pro tem model is an experiment in shared leadership, intended to be concluded by June 2020. The team has been working with a professional development coach in developing our design, structure, evaluation process, and timeline. Our timeline is as follows: Aug-Oct 2018: Complete Design; October 2018: Present plan to Board; Nov 2018-December 2019: Execute against design; December 2019 Recommend organizational plan to Board; December 2019 - January 2020: Transition to steady state and post positions for recommended final structure (as necessary); June 2020: conclude pro tem; July 2020 team becomes permanent or other structure is put into place.


What are the lines of accountability? The Executive Team, pro tem is responsible for execution of all duties assigned to the Executive Director in the UUMA’s bylaws and policies. These include: complying with policies set by the UUMA Board of Trustees, development/implementation of annual goals to advance the mission and vision of the UUMA, and financial, program, and administrative management of the UUMA. Guidance and direction are provided by the UUMA President and its Executive Committee. Click here to view a current organizational chart.


Portfolio Chart:

Director of Collegial Practices Director of Education Director of Operations


Collegial Support
Good Offices Ministry 
Ministerial Formation Network 
Matters of Collegiality 
Beyond the Call 
Chapter Collegiality
Ministry Days


Online Education
Chapter Education

Ministry Days


Human Resources
Membership Oversight
Chapter Support

Ministry Days


Collegial Development Team

Good Offices Coordinating Team Leadership Development Committee





Ministry Days



  • Guidelines
  • Code of Conduct

Institutional Advancement:

  • Legacy Giving
  • Endowment

Organizational Health:

  • Policies/Procedures/Practices
  • Oversight


Intern, Collegiality Program Assistant

Education Program Assistant


Task Forces


Continuing Education Task Force Startup
Ableism Task Force
UUA Relationships Ministries and Faith Development
Credentialing Director
Professional Development
Development Office
General Assembly
Human Resources
Church Staff Finances
Data Services
Other Relationships Professional Associations: AUUA, AUUMM, LREDA, UURMaPA,UUAMP Theological Schools
Outside Vendors

Program Chart:


Exec Team Lead Support Staff Committee
Arrangements Operations Administrator
Beyond the Call Collegial Practices BTC Coordinating Team
Chapter Collegiality Collegial Practices Collegiality Assistant Collegial Development Team
Chapter Education Education Education Assistant CENTER
Chapter Support Operations Administrator
Coaching Education Education Assistant CENTER
Collegial Support Collegial Practices Collegiality Assistant Collegial Development Team
Communications Operations Administrator
Deepening* Collegial Practices Deepening Planning Team
Endowment: Development Education Stewardship & Development
Endowment: Pledges Operations Administrator
Event Registration Operations Administrator
Finance Operations Administrator
Good Offices Ministry Collegial Practices Collegiality Assistant GO Coordinating Team
Human Resources Operations
Institute Education Education Assistant CENTER
Legacy Giving Education Education Assistant Stewardship & Development
Mentoring Education Education Assistant CENTER
Membership Operations Administrator
Ministerial Formation Network* Collegial Practices Collegiality Assistant
Ministry Days: Arrangements Operations Administrator
Ministry Days: Program Education Collegiality Assistant
Ministry Days: Registration Operations Administrator
Online Education Education Collegiality Assistant
Waivers & Scholarships Operations Administrator
Website Operations Administrator

* Programs are joint collaborations with the UUA


If you are seeking support related to your membership, dues/waivers, website login, billing, travel, or to request a reimbursement, our Administrator, Hannah Franco-Isaacs will be glad to assist you.

Full Staff: Responsibilities & Contact Information

UUMA Executive Team, pro tem: The three members of the Executive Team, pro tem share Executive Role as described in the UUMA Bylaws. Each co-director takes the lead for specific programs and services as listed below. The full team can be reached at 


Melissa Carvill Ziemer, Director of Collegial Practices

Email: Phone: 617-848-0498 Ext. 1

General Work Hours (Eastern Time Zone): Mon-Fri 9:30 – 4:30 (additional hours in early morning/late evening/on weekends varying per week)

Areas of Responsibility Include: Good Offices Support, Collegial Programs (Ministerial Formation Network/Deepening), Committee Support (Collegial Development/CARAOM) and Accountability.

Darrick Jackson, Director of Education

Email: Phone: 617-848-0498 Ext. 3

General Work Hours (Central Time Zone): Mon-Fri 9-5

Areas of Responsibility Include: Educational Programs (Institute, Coaching, Online Opportunities), Committee Support (CENTER/CARAOM), and Financial Development.


Janette Lallier, Director of Operations 

Email: Phone: 617-848-0498 Ext. 2

General Work Hours (Eastern Time Zone): Mon-Fri 9-5

Areas of Responsibility Include: Event Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, and Policy and Procedure


UUMA Support Staff: All support staff work from home offices across the country.  Main duties for each member of the team are listed below. The full staff, executive and support, can be reached at 


Hannah Franco-Isaacs, Administrator

Email: Phone: 617-848-0498 Ext. 6

General Work Hours (PacificTime Zone): Monday - Friday 9-3

Areas of Responsibility Include: Membership support, Communications / Social Media, Website & Calendar Updates, Event coordination, Reimbursement Requests and Chapter Web Support.


Julica Hermann de la Fuente, Intern

Email: Phone: 617-848-0498 Ext. 7

Work Hours Vary


Allison King, Education Program Assistant

Email: Phone: 617-848-0498 Ext. 4

General Work Hours (Pacific Time Zone): Mon-Thurs 9-2

Areas of Responsibility Include: Support of Online Learning, Coaching, and other Educational Programs


Sana Saeed, Collegialty Program Assistant

Email: Phone: 617-848-0498 Ext. 5

General Work Hours (Eastern Time Zone): Mon-Fri 7-10AM / 4-6PM

Areas of Responsibility Include: Support of Ministry Formation Network, Chapter and Good Officer Programs


UUMA Job Descriptions

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2020 Director of Ministries for Collegial Care PDF (53.09 KB) Administration 2/27/2020
2020 Director of Ministries for Lifelong Learning PDF (45.81 KB) Administration 2/27/2020
2020 Director of Operations PDF (41.91 KB) Administration 2/27/2020
UUMA Organizational Chart PDF (300.27 KB) Administration 5/20/2020
2020 Collegial Care Assistant PDF (48.24 KB) Administration 5/20/2020
2020 Lifelong Learning Assistant PDF (47.05 KB) Administration 5/20/2020
2020 Administrator PDF (49.04 KB) Administration 5/20/2020

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