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2020 Guidelines Revisions FAQ & Annual Meeting Resources


In this page you will find FAQs regarding the guidelines revisions process and the upcoming 2020 annual meeting and votes. 

Please be sure to read the Annual Meeting Packet and Supplement first.

This page is updated on a regular basis. To submit a question, please email

This page has four sections:

  1. FAQs
  2. Short videos with Janette explaining different aspects of the 2020 annual meeting
  3. A set of links that documents the timeline and journey of the guidelines revisions, starting in the Fall of 2017, as communicated with the membership.
  4. Pertinent links to the feedback results, side by side comparisons of the 2019 proposal and the 2020 revisions, and other useful links. 


Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to access the videos and links, all the way past the FAQs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to register ahead of time to participate and vote in the annual meeting?

No, every member will have an opportunity to vote - only requirement is that your dues are paid.  Voting will be the topic of this week’s “Janette Explains” recording of our weekly Q&A.

What kind of facilitation will there be for the guidelines discussion?

We will ask colleagues to volunteer to lead these small group discussions.  We will provide them with some training and with a script to help shape the process.  You will have the option of joining caucus groups for safer conversations.

Will it be in small groups first or straight to a large group session?

The committees will present their reports in the first meeting, on June 11.  Small group discussion opportunities will be available on June 18 and 19.  On June 19 there will also be a Q&A session with guidelines committees members. On June 22, during the second part of the annual meeting, we will have a larger conversation, and the proposals will be open to pro and con statements. It is our hope that fruitful discussion will occur during the small group discussion opportunities, in advance of the large gathering.

Can/will someone take a progressive stack so that discussions are not dominated by members with majority identities the way the last two UUMA things I went to were?

We are working on this, stay tuned.

What is the Annual Meeting Schedule?

Because we are meeting online this year, we will take advantage of the extended schedule to create opportunities for conversation and clarification.  The process is as follows:


June 11



During the first part of our annual meeting, the accountability and the ethics committees will present a summary report of their work.

June 18



Facilitated Small Group Guidelines Discussion Opportunities 

(pick one)

June 19



Q&A with Guidelines Committees - 90 minutes

June 19



Facilitated Small Group Guidelines Discussion Opportunities 

(pick one)

June 22



During the second part of our annual meeting, we will open up the “virtual floor” for a debate on the revisions being proposed.  Please refer to the rules in the Annual Meeting packet for a description of how this will work.

June 22 - June 23

At the end of the second portion of our annual meeting, online voting will be open, and will close by 10amPT/11amMT/12pmCT/1pmET on June 23. Online voting procedures can be found here.

June 23



After voting is complete, the third part of our annual meeting will include a report on the results of the vote, and next steps.


Why Now?

We seriously considered pressing “pause” on this process, given the many new challenges and uncertainties that we all face in this time of pandemic. We were unwilling to make such a significant decision in a vacuum, and instead consulted with UUMA leaders and with underserved members of the UUMA with whom we have accountable relationships. The consensus response from the black, indigenous, people of color, trans and non-binary colleagues and colleagues with disabilities with whom we consulted was that there is never an ideal time for change, and this work is crucial to the safety and well-being of those most vulnerable among us. We heard repeatedly that revising the guidelines in the ways that have been proposed is long overdue; that this work is not radical, but reparative.  We heard from our colleagues that moving forward cannot and should not wait. 


In addition, we recognized that…


  • the bulk of this work was complete before the pandemic - we had already completed a study and feedback process;

  • the committees had already completed the bulk of their editing and improvements on the language;

  • asking the membership to wait on institutional change could once again perpetuate the status quo and continue the harm that some of our colleagues are still experiencing;

  • the people who have historically been most underserved by the UUMA are the same people who are experiencing disproportionately challenging impacts from the pandemic.

With this in mind, the Board and Exec Team decided to move forward and to ask for your support and participation in this process.

How many people participated in the feedback process? What was the nature of the feedback?

  • Eleven percent of our membership participated in the feedback process: 127 members completed the full feedback form, while 92 used the express feedback option.  
  • The nature of the feedback can be grouped in three categories:
  • messages of support (majority)
  • clarification questions and concerns (second largest group), including the meaning of harm, the right relations guides and the common ethics panel
  • messages adamantly opposed to the changes proposed and role of the UUMA (less than a dozen responses)

    To see the feedback, please go to the full feedback results or the express feedback results

Did the feedback process create substantial revisions that call for a second year of study, per the vote last year?

Following the study and feedback process, both the accountability and the ethics committees made important improvements to the language. They did not make substantive changes. The changes made by the committees in response to the feedback clarify the language, streamline procedures, and remove references to bodies that are not yet in existence (like the common ethics panel); they don’t change the themes or the intent of the revisions.


I Need More Background. Where Can I Find It?

The Rev. Leisa Huyck summarized the process that the accountability and ethics committees followed from their inception here:

2020 Annual Meeting: Janette Explains!

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
How the rules will work & Important deadlines Link Administration 5/15/2020
Virtual Debate Link Administration 5/21/2020

2020 Guidelines Revisions - Communication Timeline

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2017 UUMA Board Facebook Live Video Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
2019 Annual Meeting - Time Marker 1:04 to 1:47  Link  more ] Administration 5/5/2020
2019 Annual Meeting Supplemental Packet Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
2019 MD Collegial Conversation - Accountability Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
2019 MD Offsite Collegial Conversation - Ethics Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
2019 MD Onsite Collegial Conversation - Ethics Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
Commitment to AR/AO: 2009, 2013 Link  more ] Administration 5/5/2020
Draft Right Relations Guide TOC and Bibliography Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
Good Offices Town Hall - Feb 2020 Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
Guidelines Committee Charge & Application, Nov2017 Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
Guidelines Revisions Study Guide Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
June 2019 Guidelines Revisions FAQ Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
May 2020 VUU episode Link  more ] Administration 5/14/2020
Reflection by Carmen Emerson, April 2019 Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
Reflection by Cheryl M Walker, June 2019 Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
Reflection by Christana Wille Mcknight, Jan 2019 Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
Reflection by Elizabeth Stevens, Dec 2018 Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
Reflection by Elizabeth Stevens, March 2019 Link  more ] Administration 5/5/2020
The Guidelines Committees' Journey Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
Update from the Accountability Committee: Nov 2018 Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
Update from the Ethics Committee: Nov 2018 Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
UUMA e-update Nov 2017 Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020
VUU May 2019 episode: UUMA Accountability Link  more ] Administration 5/4/2020

2020 Guidelines Revisions - Helpful Links

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Comparison of Proposed Accountability Revisions PDF (228.02 KB)  more ] Administration 4/29/2020
Comparison of Proposed Ethics Revisions PDF (319.17 KB)  more ] Administration 4/29/2020
Express feedback results Link Administration 4/29/2020
Full Survey Feedback Results Link Administration 4/29/2020
Study Guide and other previous resources Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2020

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