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Why I Love the UUMA Board - UUMA President
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As our Nominating Committee begins looking for applicants to fill openings on the UUMA Board, they and I have been asked: “Why would I want to serve on the Board?”


That’s a good question, since many of the creative opportunities for serving colleagues are in the realm of our Executive Director Don Southworth’s creative program teams – collegiality, continuing education, coaching, and more.


Why do I love being on the UUMA Board?  I could say it’s the privilege and fun of working closely with cool people.  Or that it’s the sneak preview of next year’s Ministry Days venues.  Or that it’s the chance to travel and learn.  That’s all true.  But at the deepest place in my heart, the reason I love being on the UUMA Board is -

  1. It’s a board with a vision and a passion for listening deeply to the diverse aspirations of our members, and helping to shape our shared future.
  2. It’s a board committed to the vision of excellence in ministry, to antiracism and multiculturalism, and to being a leader for our faith through encouraging healthy systems and creative collaborations.
  3. It’s a board always invoking the presence of our members, past, present, and future – in spirit and in body.  We are inspired by and honor the deep value of our members’ lives and ministries.

The UUMA Board, focused on good governance, does not micromanage the great work being done throughout the UUMA or waste its time being redundant or inconsequential.  It offers me – and each member of our cadre - a chance to hold in our hands the treasure of this thing called ministry, to see it fully and care for it, and then to hand it on to successor generations.  It is an honor.  It is an amazing grace.  I love that!


-- Linda Olson Peebles, President, UUMA


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