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Finding Connection with the UUMA Intern, Emily DeTar
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As I prepare to leave seminary and truly embark in the lifelong work of ministry, I grow fearful of the loneliness of ministry. Where will I get my spiritual healing and rest, where will I feel connected to God that isn’t work? How will I maintain my prayer life and spirituality when I am fully working every Sunday for my faith?

Here at the UUMA I have found hope in the relationships and stories of colleagues through my work to start our new Ministry Meditations. Ministry Meditations have helped to provide stories, reflections, songs and struggles of ministry in a way that help to heal and soothe the soul. In this project, ministers speak to other ministers, bringing them reflections, prayers, and meditations from their places of struggle, comfort, and faith. Each one is filled with a specific recognition of the work and worry of ministry. Each of them offers a gift of wisdom and spiritual presence for every minister that comes to witness it. In fact, watching these meditations makes me feel like I am coming to church. This space is the only space where I find myself honestly sitting with my concerns and struggles of ministry and hearing honest and open sharing about ministry from our colleagues in a spiritually reflective way. Conversations about spiritual well-being and spiritual practice rarely ever focus on ministers, and hardly address what they might be longing, needing, or wanting. Here, UUMA Connect has crafted a space specifically for those needs, connecting ministers across the world to each other specifically for the purpose of routine centering, healing, and spiritual peace.

No other religious service out there is quite like this, either online or otherwise. There are several online ministries and groups, but no existing video meditations online are specifically for and by U.U. ministers, addressing UU ministerial needs. I feel deeply that this is our calling to help and heal each other, and a necessary space for the health of our denomination’s faith and ministers. We will not be a healthy faith if we do not have the spaces to spiritually and faithfully heal, hold, and celebrate one another as ministers. Therefore, I urge each of you to consider making a video Ministry Meditation. The words of wisdom and the spiritual anchors that get you through your ministry are the words and spirit that so many of our struggling colleagues are looking for. Help us continue to grow this new worship space for each other, for only when it grows will we see how vital ministering to each other is for our own and our faith’s survival.

I hope to do whatever I can to continue to help building the space needed for Ministry Meditations, because as I look towards my future in this denomination I know one for sure: I will need the spiritual guidance and wisdom of my colleagues to get me through those tough times. I feel lucky to be working for and part of the UUMA, an organization that knows the value of building worship space just for those moments of need.

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