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Dedicated Good Officers Application
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  • When elected or appointed, participate in the new Good Officer orientation.

  • Participate in the biennial UUMA Good Officers pre-Ministry Days day-long training for as long as you serve in the role.

  • Participate in the quarterly two-hour Good Officer Consultation Group sessions.

  • Participate in the annual video conference with UUA Congregational Life staff or Canadian Unitarian Council staff.

  • Receive referrals from Chapter Good Officers to work with ministers with historically marginalized identities who would like Good Officer assistance negotiating his/her/their Letter of Call.

  • Represent the Good Officer program in collegial settings including at identity group gatherings such as Finding Our Way Home and the TRUUST retreat including:

    • (re)introducing the Good Officer Team for your identity community

    • describing the Dedicated Good Officer services

    • inviting further consultation

    • consider offering specific topic webinars or in-person programming about topics related to Good Offices

  • Ensure response to requests for counsel, support, representation or mediation.

  • Read the Good Officer Handbook and review each time you are asked to serve in the role (Handbook).

  • Read the UUMA Guidelines for Professional Ministry (Guidelines).

  • Be in touch with your Regional Lead and Congregational Life Staff when you will be working with them on a particular case.

  • If you need support at any time, call on the Good Officer Support Team.


  • To assist ministers in their professional relationship with one another:

    • facilitate discussion of a written covenant to define and guide the relationship;

    • provide counsel or support in assessing satisfaction in the relationship;

    • provide counsel, representation or mediation in negotiating terms for the continuation or termination of service interaction; and/or

    • provide counsel or support in seeking resolution of the tension through application to the UUMA Committee on Collegiality and Ethics and the Board of Trustees.

  • To assist a minister in a professional relationship with the UUA or its representatives:

    • provide counsel, support or representation in assessing satisfaction in the relationship, or in negotiating terms for its continuation; and/or

    • provide counsel, support or representation in response to a UUA staff/committee action related to questions or complaints regarding the minister's practice of ministry.

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