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UUMA Connect FAQ
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UUMA Connect

Frequently Asked Questions


What is UUMA Connect?


UUMA Connect is an online center for continuing education for UUMA members.  It will be a website which will serve the collegial and educational needs of UU ministers. 


There will be links to educational resources that assist in member self-education in “the nine duties of ministry”, as described in Fulfilling the Call. The site will also host blogs where UUMA members will be asked to contribute articles to stimulate thought and conversation. The site will also host member forums to dialog with colleagues on various aspects of ministry.  UUMA Connect will also host online events, webinars, presentations and discussion groups for or by UUMA members in each of those nine areas. 


•   Leading Worship

•   Officiating rites of passage

•   Providing Pastoral Care and Presence

•   Encouraging Spiritual Development

•   Witnessing to Social Justice in the Public Square

•   Leading Administration

•   Pursuing personal renewal and professional development

•   Serving the Larger Unitarian Universalist Faith

•   Leading our Faith into the Future


What about those Levels of Competence in Fulfilling the Call?


For each “Duty of Ministry”, Fulfilling the Call describes four level of competence: Basic, Approaching Proficiency, Proficiency and Expert/Exceptional.  UUMA Connect will have educational materials appropriate to each level of competency. 


Doesn’t the UUMA already have a website? What is the relationship between the two?


The current UUMA website is based on a database of UUMA Members, and makes it easy for Members to pay dues, register for events and update their information. The new UUMA Connect website will be a platform that organizes resources and offers ways for members to connect and interact.  Both websites will continue to exist in tandem, serving different purposes. If together they comprise the “UUMA Web University,” you could think that UUMA.ORG is the administration building and UUMA Connect is the classroom, library, and laboratory.


Why is it called “Connect?”


The present UUMA gathers primarily ‘in-person’ at cluster, district, regional and continental events: meetings, Professional Days and the Institutes. But many UUMA colleagues remain isolated. Some are at a physical distance; some have professional schedules which do not match UUMA events; some cannot afford in-person participation; and some have affinities with other colleagues that do not match up with cluster, regional or district gatherings.  


UUMA Connect will supplement our in-person environment with a vibrant on-line presence.  It can “connect” colleagues to each other without regard to distance, schedule, interest, cost and affinity. Ideally, UUMA Connect will help the UUMA to become a more inclusive and effective organization for our colleagues. 


Who is in charge of the website?


UUMA Connect is a program of the CENTER committee of the UUMA, which is a volunteer committee chosen by the UUMA Executive Director.  CENTER creates and implements programs that further the goals and ends of the UUMA Board of Trustees.  The organizational structure of UUMA Connect is described in detail in the UUMA Connect Book.  A member of the UUMA staff will serve as the site manager and administrator.


Are there rules or policies for UUMA Connect?


As a “meeting place” of the UUMA, the UUMA Covenant and Code of Conduct detail the tenets of collegial interaction on the UUMA Connect website. There are also editorial and use policies that website participants must follow, easily available on the site. Community Leaders and the UUMA Staff will monitor the participation of colleagues in accordance with those policies.


Who has access to UUMA Connect?


Access to UUMA Connect will be restricted at this time to UUMA members in good standing.

Members can access both and UUMA Connect using the same log-in credentials.  Once the site has been implemented and running, access policies will be reviewed.  Forum discussions and comments on resources or blogs will always remain accessible to UUMA members only.


When will the website be up and running?


UUMA Connect will “go live” on May 1, 2014. Each of the nine areas will be actively functioning, providing materials to colleagues in all nine of the areas of ministry. Forums for collegial connection and interaction will also go live on this date. From May 1 forward a rich variety of materials will continue be added to the website by the Community Leaders, building up a library in each of the nine areas of ministry.


What kinds of materials will I be able to find on the website?


UUMA Connect will provide materials in all nine of the “Duties of Ministry” found in the Fulfilling the Call booklet. The website will support written documents, links to other websites, video clips, recorded webinars, blogs, and more. The breadth of materials is limited only by the creativity of our Coordinating Team and Community Leaders.


 Can I add materials to the website?


Each Community Leader is responsible for the content included in their area of the website. Individual UUMA members can, of course, recommend to the Community Leader that materials be included. The final decision is up to the Community Leader.


Who are the People Involved in implementing UUMA Connect?


Allison Palm:       UUMA Connect Administrator

Jennifer Channin: UUMA Program Coordinator

Tom Schade: CENTER Committee Online Education Director

Robin Tanner:  Implementation Team Member

          Greg Ward: Leads Worship

          William Graves: Officiates Rites of Passage

          Kate Lore: Witnesses to Social Justice in the Public Square

Bruce Davis: Implementation Team Member

          Ann Marie Alderman: Leads Administration

          Carl Gregg & Laura Horton-Ludwig: Spiritual Development

          Rebekah Montgomery: Provides Pastoral Care and Presence

Kate Walker: Implementation Team Member

          Martha Niebanck: Pursues Personal Renewal & Professional Development

          Heather Rion Starr: Serves The Larger Unitarian Universalist Faith

          Jennifer Gray & Tim Barger: Leads the Faith into the Future


Collectively, Allison, Jennifer, Tom, Robin, Bruce and Kate Walker are the UUMA Connect Implementation Team (which will be replaced by a Coordinating Team in July 2014)


Project Oversight:

          Don Southworth, UUMA Executive Director

          Janette Lallier, UUMA Director of Administration


What are the Forums on UUMA Connect for and how do they work?


Forums are opportunities for UUMA colleagues to enter into dialogue to explore issues in the context of each of the nine duties of ministry. A moderator will participate in each of the Forums, providing facilitation and guidance as needed.


What are the blogs for on the website, and who gets invited to blog?


Blogs are an opportunity for a colleague to provide thoughtful opinions on some matter of interest to the UUMA membership. Those who provide blogs on the website will be invited by the Connect Administrator or a member of the Implementation Team.


How is UUMA Connect related to the larger UU world (UUA, LREDA, UUMN, etc.)?

The UUMA staff have been in conversation with the various UUA staff, and leaders of the other professional organizations throughout the visioning and implementation of UUMA Connect. There are several similar projects in the works, and we are looking forward to the many opportunities for collaboration in the future. 

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