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From the Executive Director
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This month I write to you from the conference our UUMA Committee on Anti Racism and Multiculturalism is hosting for the authors and respondents of the upcoming Skinner book, The Visible and Invisible In MinistrySome of our most powerful colleagues of color are writing and speaking about the experience of serving and leading white institutions.  I’m privileged to be here and I know you’ll enjoy the book when it comes out next year. 


It’s been another very busy month at the UUMA full of traininigs and meetings that we hope will make a difference for our members and our faith.  I have been wondering, in the rare moments of reflection I choose to engage in these days, what matters most.  I suspect in your life and ministry you wonder similar things.  What matters most - in the work we do, in the choices we make with our time, for our families, for our colleagues, for the people we serve.  What matters most.


On October 1 I’ll be celebrating the sixth anniversary of saying yes to becoming the first Executive Director of the UUMA.  I said yes because I felt called to the work even though it was an “Acting” job with no guarantees whether or not we would be able to fund the position long-term.  It was a good choice for me and, from what you have told me over the years, a good choice for the UUMA.  As I begin my seventh year in this ministry I’m looking more and more at the horizon, wondering how the next six years will unfold and what matters most in what we do, what we offer, and how things will look differently than they do today.


Whenever I send out a note to our chapter leaders or an e-update I notice how much the UUMA has going on.  I wonder if it’s too much - not only for the work it represents for a relatively small paid staff and dedicated, but usually over-worked, volunteers, but also for what matters most to you and your ministry.  I wonder how many of you take advantage of the trainings and conversations we offer; how many have used a Good Officer or served in a leadership role for colleagues; how many of you have posted or accessed a resource on UUMA Connect or spent time in the zoom room with colleagues; how many of you have a coach, are a coach or are mentoring someone who is finding their way in ministry; and how many of you have made a commitment to the Sustaining the Call campaign or, if you haven’t, why not.


This month the UUMA Board will be gathering for our first in-person meeting of the year.  This is the year that the Board works on reimagining the vision and ends of the UUMA.  I’ll be sharing the staff’s goals for the year and I’ll be offering a long-range staffing and financial plan to ensure we can continue to best serve our members and our mission.  I’d be grateful for your thoughts and comments about what matters most to you that the UUMA provides.  Our mission, and our work, says it’s continuing education, collegiality and collaboration.  Is it?  And what part of it is most key to you.  As always, thank you for your ministry and your commitment to each other.  


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