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From the Endowment Director
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Greetings Dear Colleagues,
Writing this e-new article is one of my last duties before I step away from the Endowment Director role here at the UUMA. What last words other than “Thank you” need to be said? Deeply grateful for the privilege of working for/with you these past 2 years, I offer this one final encouragement regarding stewardship: When the opportunity arises, lend a hand and raise your voice in support of the Legacy Challenge of the Wake Now Our Vision Campaign. This is a remarkable opportunity to simultaneously nurture the financial future of Unitarian Universalism and the financial future of the UU community you serve. Your support within your UU communities will make all the difference.
“Building up the ‘we’ together...Helping congregants see their faith as something larger than just their own congregation...Calling people into the larger community...A collaborative effort for the future of our faith”--these words by the newly appointed Legacy Campaign Director, Laura Randall, describe the heart of the Wake Now Our Vision Campaign-an unprecedented collaboration between organizations throughout Unitarian Universalism - the UUMA, the UUA, the UUSC, Starr King, Meadville/Lombard, and the Church of the Larger Fellowship. The campaign provides a way to share what these organizations are doing and why they matter. It’s a way to actively support Unitarian Universalists in making legacy gifts, not only to any or all of the organizations named above, but also to their congregations or UU communities.
In addition to the possibility of new legacy gifts made to the UU community you serve, there are other benefits to you. As Mary Katherine Morn stated at Ministry Days, “The Legacy Challenge of Wake Now Our Vision will create a conversation among Unitarian Universalists about the future of our faith, about legacy, and about planned giving. We believe this conversation will be a benefit to your congregation and to our larger faith.” The campaign will also generate resources that can be tailored to your needs in your ministry settings. Think webinars, how-to packets and web resources. Lastly, many planned gifts will be eligible for a cash match of between $1K and $10K. (Thank you to the UU Congregation of Shelter Rock for making the campaign and this generous match possible!)
There will be more information about how to get involved in the coming months, so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more, here is a link the UU World article about the campaign. 
It has been a joy and privilege to serve you as a staff member of the UUMA.
Thank you (which truly do need to be the last words).
Rev. Dr. Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar
UUMA Endowment Director

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