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From the Board of Trustees
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One of my favorite readings about all things church is by Virginia McGill, and it begins with this:


"I want to belong to a church which is not content to be a coaster, or a glider,

            or a stand-patter.

I want my church to have a taste for the up-grade.

I want my church to pull me – a little;

            to push me when I lag behind or

            when obstacles are a little too great;

but most of the time

I want my church to teach me to climb all by myself."


After experiencing the extraordinary work of our UUMA staff and volunteer leaders from the balcony of the UUMA Board for the past 18 months, I want to reframe McGill’s words to embrace the kind of professional association for ministry I want to belong to, to be part of, to learn from, to grow in expertise with, and to support with all the generosity of an overwhelmingly grateful heart.


I want my UUMA, with the beauty of its service,

            the vitality of its teaching,

            and the inspiration of its example

            to keep me dreaming dreams I never can forget,

            and show me stars I never saw before.


And it does, over and over again. 


With our support and the fine fiscal management and program planning of our staff, the UUMA has been in excellent financial shape for years.  But we know many of our colleagues are retiring, congregations are shrinking, and younger families and retired folk often do not have the resources to support their ministers as well as they want to.  UU colleagues struggling to revitalize congregations into the 21st century need our UUMA, and our UUMA needs our support to go on being the exceptional resource we all count on.


In this season of giving, do consider a generous contribution to Sustaining the Call; help us reach our goal of $2,000,000 in a UUMA endowment.  If you have already given to Sustaining the Call, thank you for your support, and my heart encourages you to consider giving again. 


Together, let’s endow our UUMA to lead us all in becoming the ministers in the 21st century who will know how to light the chalice of healing for this torn and troubled world we share.


In faith and gratitude, 


Rev. Olivia Holmes

UUMA Treasurer


Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, 24 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA 02210-1409
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