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UUMA Collegial Small Groups
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What are UUMA Collegial Small Groups? 

A UUMA Collegial Small Group is a clergy peer support group that uses technology to reduce the barriers of participation. One of the greatest predictors of a successful ministry is for a clergy person to be supported by, and accountable to, a small group of colleagues. Some of our chapters facilitate this type of gathering. Some of us maintain this type of group over long distances. Too many of us go without this critical relationship.


Austin Presbyterian Seminary published a Lilly Foundation study in April 2010 showing the strong correlation to successful peer support groups and thriving congregations. Read more here.


In an attempt to facilitate the meeting of this need for those who go without, the UUMA, through CENTER and staff, have created a 2016 pilot project.


Should you be in a small group?

Do you feel disconnected, isolated, or alone in your call to ministry?

           A Collegial Small Group is a place where you can be with others who share this work.


Do you long for ministerial gatherings and wish you had more of them?

            A Collegial Small Group asks you to show up, as you are, to be known by others who understand you.


Do you desire professional development but quality opportunities are too infrequent?

A Collegial Small Group that focuses on specific topics for growth can fit into your schedule.


Collegiality is important for successful ministries in one form or another. While a Collegial Small Group may not be what everyone needs, our hope is that it will meet the need for some of those who go without.


Who is eligible?

If you are a UUMA member (student, regular, retired, other) then you can be in a Collegial Small Group. However, at this time of development, only certain pilot groups are in the works. For the purposes of studying the dynamics of small group ministries using remote technology, some limitations will be put into place.


How do I request to join a Collegial Small Group?

  1. By participating in this pilot project, you agree to provide brief feedback to the organizers after three months and six months. You are making a commitment to your colleagues and to the UUMA to participate in at least six monthly gatherings of the group. Each gathering will be 90 minutes long and be facilitated using a Zoom internet meeting room, which has a telephone option. After the initial six months, the option for the group to continue is up to its participants.
  2. If you'd like to be in one of these groups indicate your preference in the form below.  Each group will be limited to six to ten people.  We hope to expand the program in FY2017 and if you are not able to be in a group this year we will have you at the top of the list next year.  Once your request is submitted, we will collect and manage the volume of applications. If we receive a flood of requests, a random selection will be made for the groups we are testing in Winter/Spring 2016. 
  3. There is no fee for participating in one of these pilot groups. You may only participate in one of these pilot groups. We encourage you to maintain any other small groups you are already a part of.


If you have any questions about UUMA Collegial Small Groups, feel free to contact the leadership team at 

Complete the from below to be considered for this pilot program.  Thank you!

***The demand for the "Theological Ground for Social Witness" small group has been overwhelming. The registration is now closed.  We will notify those who applied next week if you made it in the pilot.  We thank you for you interest in this popular program.***


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