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UU History & Heritage Convocation
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10/7/2010 to 10/10/2010
When: 10/7/2010
1:00 PM
Where: Espousal Center
554 Lexington St
Waltham, MA  02452
United States
Contact: Jane Rosecrans

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Connecting Our Diverse Histories to Our Living Heritage

Partners in Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage

with Unitarium Universalist Collegium

October 7, 1pm-October 10, 5pm, 2010

Espousal Center, 554 Lexington St., Waltham, MA 02452 781-209-3120

*Collegium Only (More details are available from Collegium)

Thursday, October 7, 4pm to Friday, October 8, 1pm

Thursday 7 PM Distinguished Guest: Catherine Keller, Process Theologian, author of From A Broken Web; Face of the Deep; On the Mystery (Open to Collegium and Convo participants)

*Convocation and Collegium

Friday, October 8, 1pm to Saturday, October 9, 9pm: Plenaries, Sessions, Meetings

*Convocation, Continued

Sunday, October 10 8am to 5pm: Worship, Plenary, Sessions, PUUHH Meeting

Award-winning sermon, ”Soft Seats and No Hell” will be delivered by Rev. Richard Gilbert, first preached at First Universalist Church, Rochester, NY

Winner of the Hymn Contest <><> Papers <><> Workshops <><> Performances <><> Exhibits

Held in conjunction with:
*Research Day at Andover Harvard Library, Harvard Divinity School, October 7, 9:30-4:30
**Universalist Heritage Tour, "Savor New England in the Fall” October 11, 9am to October 17
REMINDER: Register by Sept. 1 to ensure a place. Final Registration, Sept. 24.
The PUUHH received a grant from the Unitarian Universalist Funding Panel to assist with expenses of the Convocation. The grant includes assistance for participants in two areas:
 Scholarship assistance. Limited number of scholarships of up to $150 each will be awarded on a first come basis. Indicate your request for a scholarship on the registration form. Note the amount that you are requesting, deduct that amount from the total registration cost when you send in you application. You will be notified of whether you received the scholarship or not. If not, you will be asked to send the balance due on the registration.
 Travel from public transportation, namely Logan Airport, to/from Espousal Center. Information on the Super Shuttle is in this packet. You may request assistance by asking for a voucher and submitting it with a receipt when you check in onsite. The amount available will be divided among those who requested assistance and will be available at Convo. 
Historic Opportunity: Official Hanging the New Portrait of Margaret Fuller
Thursday, October 7, 2010, 3pm at UUA headquarters (25 Beacon Street, Boston)
Readings by Barry Andrew from Skinner House book on Fuller
The Margaret Fuller Traveling Exhibit and presentations from the Bicentennial Celebrations
Acknowledgement of the contributions of UU historians and the History and Heritage Convocation
Registration is not needed.

Schedule Summary

Thursday, October 7, 9:30am to 4:40pm -- Research (Additional offering -- white on chart)

Thursday, October 7, 3pm Margaret Fuller Portrait (additional offering -- white on chart)

Thursday, October 7, 4pm to Friday, October 8, 1pm -- Collegium only (shaded on chart)

Friday, October 8, 1pm to Saturday, October 9, 9pm -- Convocation and Collegium (white on chart)

Sunday, October 10, 8am to 4pm -- Convo Only (shaded on chart)

Monday, October 11, 9am -- Autumn Tours (Additional offering—white on chart)


Thurs., October 7

Friday, October 8

Saturday, October 9

Sunday, October 10

Breakfast (30)

Breakfast (60)

Breakfast (60)

*Andover-Harvard Library Research Opportunity, Harvard Divinity School, 


Session 1

Session 2

9:00 Session 5: Workshops, Papers

9:00 Morning Service, including winning sermon

Auditorium or Chapel


10:30 Break

10:00 Break

9:30-11am -Orientation With archivist and reference librarians at Andover-Harvard, Rabinowitz Room

11:00 Session 6 Workshops, Papers

10:30 Plenary III "From Margins to Center”



11am-4:30pm time for Individual research

Noon Lunch for Collegium

1:00 Registration for Convo

12:30 Lunch Business Meetings of PUUHH organizations

1:30 Performance

12:30 Lunch

PUUHH meeting

**Official Hanging of Margaret Fuller Portrait

3pm UUA 25 Beacon St.

2:00 Session 3 Papers –Theology (Collegium)


2:00 Plenary II "1810-1860-1910-1960-2010”


1:30 Session 9 Workshops, Performances

3:30 Break

3:30 Break

3:00 Break

4:00pm Registration



Session 4 Papers

4:00 Session 7 Workshops, Papers

3:30 Session 10 Performance and Closing

5:30 Social Hour

6:00 Dinner

5:30 Social Hour

6:00 Dinner

5:30 Social Hour

6:00 Dinner

5:00 Adjourn

7:00 pm Collegium Speaker Catherine Keller, Process Theologian

7:00 Plenary I "Our History and Our Heritage”


7:00 Collegium Business Meeting

Session 8 Workshops, Papers

***NOTE: Register separately for overnight and Universalist Heritage Tours that start Monday,

9:00pm Adjourn.

Singing/Performances Guild

Singing/Performances Guild

October 11


*"Researching UU History at Andover Harvard Library”—October 7, 9:30 am-4:30 pm

Check on registration form to receive more details during the summer. Participants must provide reference staff with information about the sources they would like to view no later than October 4.

**Hanging the Official Margaret Fuller Portrait at UUA” – October 7, 3:00 pm

** "Savor the New England in Autumn” Universalist Heritage Tour starting October 11, 9am, sponsored by the Universalist Heritage Society. (See separate flier and registration form.) Sunday night accommodations are available at Espousal Center, with Sunday dinner and Monday breakfast.


The following are included, and a few may be added. Some presenters still need to be confirmed.


The winning Sermon on "Unitarian Universalist History as a Source of Religious Meaning Today” – "Soft Seats & No Hell” by Rev. Richard Gilbert, will be presented at Sunday Worship. The winning Hymn will be presented as it fits into the conference.

PLENARIES (2 hours each)


"Our History & Our Heritage” –Mark Harris

The words History and Heritage have different meanings and uses for ministers, professional historians, educators and congregants. What are the tensions and what can each learn from the other?

*Kathy Parker

*Dorothy Emerson

*Gordon Gibson

*John Buehrens


"1810-1860-1910-1960-2010” Dan McKanan

As we celebrate 50 years of the UUA and an host of other anniversaries, this plenary considers touchstones from our Unitarian and Universalist history and how they are part of the living heritage.

*1810 Dean Grodzins

*1860 Glenna Matthews

*1910 Cyndy Tucker

*1960 David Parke

*2010 Peter Morales


12:30 PM

"From Margins to Center” Helen Zidowecki

Three of our sponsoring organizations were created to draw attention to groups that were felt to be left out of UU history. What does Unitarian and Universalist history as a whole look like when told it from the perspective of these groups? Panels will also reflect on other areas of marginalization.

*Barbara Coeyman -- Women

*Elizabeth Strong -- Religious Education

*Dick Gilbert -- Universalist

*Paula Cole Jones -- People of color
PAPERS Presentation of academic papers is in conjunction with the History Section of Collegium. Two papers will be presented in a Session Block of 1.5hrs. Order to be confirmed.
1. A. "Margaret Fuller Shapes Consciousness of America through New York Tribune” Michael Barnett
 B. "Olympia Brown -- Religious Innovator or Feminist Reformer; Which Came First?” Barbara Coeyman
2. A. "Joseph Smith-- The Link between Universalism and Mormonism” James Buckley
 B. "In Search of a Loving God: Universalist Churches in New York, 1845-1865” Avery Pete Guest
3. A.”Universalism, Socialism, & Esoteric Religion: Case of Rev. Charles Vail” Dan McKanan
 B. "Margaret Fuller: Revolutionary in Rome” Paul Sawyer
4. A. "Murky Line between Heresy & True Religion: Calvinist & Unitarian Family Dynamics” Kazimierz Bem
 B. "Toward a Wider Ecumenism: Hedge and Rau, Mixed Legacy of Liberal Religious Ecumenism” Erik Resly
5. A. "God and Nature in Thomas Starr King's "Lessons from the Sierra Nevada" and,"Living Waters from Lake Tahoe”” Sheri Prud'homme
 B. "Life and Work of Rev. Dr. Josiah Bartlett, 1913-1997” Arliss Ungar
6. A. "Requiem for a Multi-Faith Organization: History and Future of the IARF” Doris Hunter
 B. "In Context: A Study of About Your Sexuality and its Times” Sarah Gibbs Millspaugh

Request Exhibit space on the Registration Form and send the information to Helen Zidowecki ( by Sept. 24:

*Title of the Exhibit, name of Exhibitor

*Brief Description for the final program

*Type space needed: amount of table space, floor space for stand-up exhibit.

Note: Space is limited and will be awarded as received.

WORKSHOPS (1.5 hrs each)
"Capturing an Historic Trend: Decade of Small Group Ministry/Covenant Groups” Helen Zidowecki
"Collecting and Holding Our Historic Materials” Barbara Coeyman 
"Creating Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Curricula For Our Congregations Using the Internet” Rosemarie Smurzynski
"Developing Personal Dramitizations” To be announced

"Fulfilling the Universalist Promise: The Evolution of a Professing Faith" Kelly Murphy Mason (Murray Grove Conference Center)

"The Ins-and-Outs of Looking for History in Photographs” Cynthia Tucker, Kate Parker
"Living Unitarian Universalist History: Programs for UU Adults” Gail Forsyth-Vail 
"Making visible the work of UU women since 1960” Elinor Artman
"Spirit in Action: Margaret Fuller's Legacy for Us” Dorothy Emerson, Michael Barnett
"Teaching Unitarian Universalism to Seminarians: A Participatory Workshop” Dan McKanan
”Unitarian Universalist Heritage Moments: A Congregation's Teachable MOMENTS that Identify and Define Us " (Participatory) Pat Hoertdoerfer, UURE History
"A Universalist-Baptist Debate Re-Created” Gordon Gibson
Dramatic Reading: "Open Door Sunday” ,and Poem: "When Lightening Struck the Steeple” Melinda Green, First Parish, Groton, MA
Eleanore Forbes (by Fayre Stephenson) 
Ralph Waldo Emerson (by Wendell Refior)
"Fulfilling the Universalist Promise: The Evolution of a Professing Faith” Kelly Murphy Mason (Murray Grove Conference Center)
"Nature’s Delights: The Life of Beatrix Potter” Mark Harris
"Poem to Margaret Fuller” Michael Barnett
"Singing From Our Heritage” To Be Announced


Reservations can be made with Gray Van Express at 1-888-222-5229 or 617-504-0249.

The cost is $50 for the first person, and $10 for each additional person.

Request assistance by asking for a voucher and submitting it with a receipt when you check in onsite. The amount available will be divided among those who requested assistance, and will be available at Convo.


From Route 128/ I-95

Take exit 27B (Totten Pond Rd). At the end of the exit ramp go left on Totten Pond Rd. Go to the end of the road, approximately 1.7 miles (traffic light at intersection). Take a left onto Lexington Street. The Espousal Center is .3 mile on the left. Blue sign at the driveway. Continue up the driveway to the top of the hill.

Approaching from the South:

From Mass Pike (Route 90) & from Route 9

Take Route 128/ I-95North. See above.

Approaching from the North:

From Route 2. Take Route 128/ I-95 South. (Totten Pond Road) going West. Take first left (marked Route 95 South) and you will be on Totten Pond road going East. Follow directions above (don't turn off on Route 95 S).


Partners in Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage

Unitarian Universalist Historical Society,

Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Society and

Unitarian Universalist Religious Education History Group,

Universalist Heritage Foundation)

Unitarian Universalist Collegium

Unitarian Universalist Collegium (UUC) is a primarily Unitarian Universalist independent association dedicated to providing support to those doing research and writing across the gamut of traditions of liberal religious studies. Collegium aims to engender a sense of collegiality that enables the sharing of intellectual interests. Collegium actively encourages clergy, laity, seminarians, archivists, researchers, writers, and scholars whose interests are relevant to the tradition of liberal religious studies to register membership with us. (

The Unitarian Universalist Historical Society (UUHS) supports research and scholarship in various fields of historical interest and provides programs and publications for the benefit of students, scholars, and others committed to promoting and preserving our Unitarian Universalist heritage. (

The mission of the Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Society (UUWHS) is to reclaim, communicate, and celebrate the lives and accomplishments of Universalist and Unitarian women, and engage local congregations in the recovery of women’s history, so that we may draw courage and inspiration from our heritage, and our foremothers may take their rightful place in the ongoing story of Unitarian Universalism. (

The Unitarian Universalist Religious Education History Group (UUREHG) encourages the study of the history of liberal religious education, especially among the Unitarians and Universalists. The goals of the Group include: advocating for publication of materials in various forms (including web), increasing accessibility of material through publicizing location of archives, making Religious Education history as part of UU History, encouraging collection of oral histories of religious educators, establishing linkages/contacts and collaboration with groups interested in Unitarian Universalist History. (

The Mission of the Universalist Heritage Foundation (UHF) is to educate future generations in the Universalist tradition, to continue to put forth the Universalist message as an agent of hope for a fractured world, and to celebrate and preserve the rich legacy of the Universalist faith. (

Partners in Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage (PUUHH)

Four Unitarian Universalist interest groups joined forces in May 2009 to form Partners in Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage, an umbrella organization for groups whose mission includes the study, preservation, and promotion of Unitarian Universalist history and heritage, "for purposes of providing support, resources, and advocacy to each group as needs arise, and to work together on aspects of administration and content that can be supported by collaborative work.”

Under the partnership, each group maintains its own identity, mission, and organization. Members and supporters of the respective organizations retain their primary connection with their group, and group newsletters, websites, and other activities will remain independently run. Links and shared activities among the groups will increase, and the Partners work together in events, such as this Convocation, and Booth and workshops at General Assembly.

Savor New England in Autumn

while Exploring Universalist Sites Past, Present, and Future

October 11-17, 2010

Immediately following the UU History Convocation in Waltham, MA

Participants in this tour, developed for the Universalist Heritage Foundation, travel in vans to locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Overnights are in comfortable private accommodations. Maximum group size = 22

10/11 – Pickup in Boston/Manchester, NH, area with visits to Universalist-founded Tufts University and to Mount Auburn Cemetery on the way to overnight in Gloucester. Dinner, evening program, and overnight accommodations organized by members of the Independent Christian Church, Universalist – first Universalist church in the United States (1779); organizing minister: John Murray. (D)

10/12 – Morning visit to home and museum of Judith Sargent Murray, John’s wife, followed by conversation with Bonnie Hurd Smith, editor of Judith’s letters. Free time to explore this quaint fishing community. Early afternoon departure to drive through an artists’ delight, scenic Pigeon Cove on Cape Ann, then north to Freeport, ME, home to L.L. Bean and other outlet shops. Early evening departure for Saco; overnight with members of that congregation for the first of a two-night stay. (B)

10/13 - Down to the sea this morning – at Ferry Beach, camp and conference center founded by charismatic Universalist preacher Quillen Shinn and now in its 2nd century. Tour the campus with director Craig Lentz before a lobster lunch in the Quillen dining room, learning and singing Ferry Beach songs along the way. Chat with students at the Ecology School, scuff through the sand, relax with nature. Dinner at the Saco church; evening program with the Harbour Singers, a hospice chorus. (B, L, D)

10/14 - Morning departure for Oxford, MA, and the Clara Barton Birthplace and Camp for Girls with Diabetes, founded by Universalist women in 1932: the first camp of its kind in the US. Then on to Boston, with accommodations for two nights at the charming John Jeffries House B&B in the Beacon Hill area. Evening at leisure. (B, L)

10/15 – After breakfast and a hosted visit to 25 Beacon Street, headquarters of the Unitarian Universalist Association, travelers may independently visit such Boston treasures as the Fine Arts Museum, the Aquarium, historic UU churches, the Isabel Gardner Museum, the Children’s Museum – the list is almost endless – accompanied by people well acquainted with Boston. Evening program TBA, possibly at the New England Conservatory. (B, D)

10/16 – Morning departure for southern New Hampshire and Vermont to trace the preaching path of Hosea Ballou on the way to the Pumpkin Festival in Keene, NH. Dinner and overnight organized by members of the Brattleboro, VT, congregation. (B, L, D)

10/17 – Morning worship at the Universalist Church in Winchester, NH, where the Winchester Profession of Belief was signed in 1803. Building now owned by the Universalist Heritage Foundation. Back to Boston/Manchester after lunch. Safe Travels! (B, L)

COST: $750 per person DO, $800 single occupancy for van transportation, accommodations, 14

meals, plus admissions as mentioned above.

Registration form attached and also available at UHF website:


Savor New England in Autumn

October 11-17, 2010

Supporting Programs of the Universalist Heritage Foundation

I/We want to reserve __________place(s) on this tour.

NAME(S) __________________________________________________________________________

Address(es) ________________________________________________________________________



Phone ________________________________Email________________________________________

Dietary/other concerns _______________________________________________________________

I/We understand that the advertised price of $750 per person is for double occupancy.

_____I prefer single occupancy; I understand there will be an additional cost of $50.

_____ I would like a roommate.


Enclosed is my deposit check for $150 per person, payable to the Universalist Heritage Foundation, with the notation Fall Tour. Total enclosed = ____________

You may pay on this schedule: $150 per person with reservation, $200 on June 1, 2010, $200 on August 1, $200 ($250 single occupancy) on September 15 OR pay the entire amount with this reservation.

Mail to: Universalist Heritage Foundation, P.O. Box 1641, Nashua, NH 03061-1641

Please keep a copy of this form for your records and subsequent payments.

Collegium and Unitarian Universalist History & Heritage Convocation rev.8.6.10

"Connecting Our Diverse Histories to Our Living Heritages”

Sponsored by Partners in UU History and Heritage (PUUHH) and UU Collegium

Thursday October 7 - Sunday October 10, 2010, Espousal Center, Waltham, MA

Registration Form Complete Section A and B or C. (See flier for description of events.)


Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Email address: ____________________________________Cell Phone: ________________________

Home hone_________________________


I want to register for (please check one):

*UU Collegium Only: Thursday, October 7, 4 pm to Saturday, October 9, 9 pm ($30) *History Convocation only: Friday, October 8, 1 pm - Sunday October 10, 5 pm ($60)

*Collegium and History Convocation: Thursday, October 7-Sunday, October 10 ($80)

I am making a donation in support of Partners of Unitarian Universalist History/Heritage

I would also like to register for:

____Research day at Harvard Divinity School Library, Thursday October 7

____Universalist Heritage Tour, Monday October 11 - 17 (Separate Flier available.)

____Exhibit space at Convo






I need lodging (room, dinner/breakfast/lunch per night) at Espousal center (check nights that apply):

Wednesday night, October 6 ______ Thursday night, October 7 ______

Friday night, October 8 ______ Saturday night, October 9 _______

Sunday night, October 10 ______

Total # nights: 1 night: $85 2 nights: $170 3 nights: $245

4 nights: $340 5nights $425


C. COMMUTER (Not staying at Espousal Center)

Espousal Center Charge and 1-3 meals/day ($60). Check which days:

Thursday October 7__________ Friday October 8 __________

Saturday October 9 __________ Sunday October 10 _________

Fri dinner only, if not there all day Friday: $17____ Total Commuter



I have the following access needs ______________________________________________

I have the following food needs _______________________________________________

I have other special needs ____________________________________________________


Scholarship Request (up to $150)

Amount being sent with this registration:

Make check out to UUHS if attending Convo ONLY or Collegium and Convo.

Make check out to Collegium if attending Collegium ONLY




SEND REGISTATION TO: Jane Rosecrans, 2843 Queensland Drive, Richmond, VA 23294 (For questions, contact Jane at ) 

REGISTRATION DUE BY: Early Registration: September 1, 2010 to guarantee a place. Space is limited. Final Registration: September 24, 2010

CANCELLATIONS: By Sept. 24, all but $10 may be refunded. After Sept. 24, to be determined.

Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, 24 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA 02210-1409
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