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Where Leads Our Call?

Frederic Buechner wrote, "To find our calling is to find the intersection between our own deep gladness and the world's deep hunger." Ministers' calls come in many different forms and from many different sources. The next UUMA-Wide Conversation will provide UUMA members the opportunity to reflect on their calls, imagine where they are being called today and tomorrow and how that call intersects with excellence in ministry.


The Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association's (UUMA) mission is to nurture excellence in ministry. What are the impacts of these changes on ministers and on the congregations and communities they serve? In this challenging context, what are the theologies and practices that support striving for excellence in ministry and where do our calls lead us?


Our third UUMA-wide conversation will address these questions and more.


The UUMA has partnered with Verity Jones, the Executive Director of the Center for Pastoral Excellence and Parisa Parsa to develop this program. This program will provide multiple opportunities for our members to meet in person and on-line to reflect on their calls and to articulate how and where to live those calls more fully.


We are planning to select and invite up to thirty facilitators, fiver per region/Canada, to a facilitator training to be held in the 2015. UUMA facilitators, once trained, will be expected to lead one to three face-to-face/on-line modules in their region and assist in on-line conversations as well. A "Where Leads Our Call?" coordinating team, comprised of members from our CENTER team, Collegial Development Committee, Committee on Antiracism, Anti-Oppression, Multiculturalism and UUMA staff will recruit and select facilitators and work with them to make resources available on our new online learning/collegiality channel, UUMA Connect.


UUMA Connect will provide us with new tools to deepen this conversation in addition to the chapter and cluster gatherings we have used in the past. We plan on offering several modules for this program including topics such as


  • "The Theological/Spiritual Grounding for Nurturing Excellence in Ministry"

  • "Accountability and our Calls"

  • "Multiculturalism and Excellence"

  • "Where Are You Being Called Today and Tomorrow?"


These modules will be offered face to face and/or on-line. The topics will be part of ongoing conversations that can be facilitated through UUMA Connect.


If you have any questions, contact Don Southworth.


List of Facilitators:

Roger Bertschausen, Jill Cowie, Katie Lee Crane, Mark Gallagher, Jeffrey Gamblee,

Louise Green, Katherine Jesch, Evan Keely, Virginia Luke, Emily Melcher,

Samaya Oakley, Wendy Pantoja, Pamela Rumancik, Christina Sillari, Anastassia Zinke,

Julie Stoneberg, Anne Barker, Carl Gregg, Jann Halloran, Tera Little,

Dena McPhetres, Sara Zimmerman

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