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Reimbursement Policy
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UUMA Reimbursement Policy

The following guidelines are intended to be used by committees when planning meetings. The UUMA is committed to help pay for the costs of our valuable volunteers while remaining true to the budget. All committees are expected to work within their budget and should limit the number and scope of meetings so that all costs can be met without imposing a cost to committee members.

That having been said, some committee members have multiple ways of covering these expenses. It is fine, and in fact expected, that we will split the costs for all of these expenses between congregation, and various committees and groups that we serve. Some have these expenses covered by contract, please bear that in mind. If you had a roommate, please only claim reimbursement for half of the room, etc.We are each expected to be fair and reasonable.

Lodging: Lodging cost is covered by the UUMA from the first night of the meeting through the last night, which assumes departure the morning after the meeting concludes. Sometimes a member needs to come one night early in order to be present in time for the first gathering day. In this case, the UUMA will cover the cost; however, the reservation must be approved ahead of time by the committee chair or arrangements representative. UUMA will cover housekeeping gratuities of $1-$3 a day. The Treasurer, Arrangements person or Committee Chair may choose to leave an aggregate gratuity for housekeeping staff on behalf of the whole committee. If you share a room with a ministerial colleague, please share the lodging expenses 50/50. If you share a room with a family member, please cover only the incremental cost (if any) of the room for that person.

Transportation: Travel reimbursement will be for the least expensive mode of travel cost of travel as priced one month prior to departure (whether flying, driving own car, rental car, etc). Committee members should make best efforts to obtain the least expensive fare for a flight or other transportation, without undue inconvenience, and to use the most economical ground transportation or parking when leaving and returning home. The UUMA provides access to a travel agent for help with booking. Mileage reimbursement will be given the current U.S. Internal Revenue Service rate (.505 as of 1/1/09.) Mileage charges should not be greater than the average or reasonable cost of traveling by airplane or train, unless necessity dictates driving.

UUMA Exec: The Office or Exec Arrangements representative will coordinate ground transportation with other Exec members; make sure to give the Administrator your flight number, flight times, etc., in advance.

Meals and Beverages: Typically the Treasurer or Arrangements representative pays the check for group meals and obtains reimbursement after the meeting. Otherwise, committee members pay their checks and submit the cost on a completed Reimbursement Voucher, with receipts attached. The UUMA does not reimburse for or cover the cost of alcoholic beverages. Try to keep meal costs in this range: breakfast, $10; lunch, $15, dinner, $25. If you skip a meal you can spread your total per-diem rate to the other meals for the day.

UUMA Days & General Assembly:

In general Committee Members are reimbursed for the time that their presence in a meeting or event is required. Committees should group their meetings as close as possible so as to limit the number of nights required to stay in the city.

Lodging, Travel, and Meals: The above general guidelines remain in effect. Lodging and meals are covered from the day of the first meeting (or previous night as appropriate) to the morning after the main business is concluded. (It is assumed that you will be able to travel home after a breakfast meeting)

UUMA Registration Fees: If a committee member is required to be at the UUMA Professional Days (Exec, CENTER), the registration fee should be paid through the committee budget. Please remember you must still submit a registration form. Fees for the nominees for election to the Exec are not waived. The designated speakers for the 25/50 year worship service may request to receive waivers of these fees; they may need to be reminded to submit registration forms. The speaker for the Berry Street Conference may have fees waived if it would be a financial hardship otherwise; Arrangements or Exec makes this decision. Workshop Presenters may register at the early registration rate.

UUA General Assembly Fees: The UUMA does not reimburse for GA registration unless the committee member has be pre-authorized to act on behalf of the UUMA at a GA Event, and would not otherwise be attending the Assembly.

Expected Practices:

Air Travel:

o When purchasing an air flight please do so at least one month before the anticipated travel.

o Please shop around to ensure you are receiving the best cost possible. It is always good to check in at least three sources. If you do not have the time to shop around you can always use the UUA Travel Agent. (information below)

Ground Travel: If you have the choice of driving or flying to a meeting please choose the most economical method. In an age where mileage is at $.50 /mile driving is no longer always the most economical.

Save your receipts

Please submit your expenses within one month of the meeting unless you request an extension for good cause.

Keep a copy of your submitted voucher and receipts (especially important if you are mailing)

How to request reimbursement:

There are two ways you can request your reimbursement. It does not matter which way you do it – the choices are there so you can pick the one that is easiest for you.

1.Submit a voucher by mail. Vouchers are available through the office or online (click here) and are in MS Excel format. You can open and type your request in – OR – you can print the form and fill it out by hand. After filling out and signing the form please attach your receipts and mail to the administrator’s home office (address is on voucher) or fax to 617-848-0973

2.Submit a voucher online - click here. Given the new webpage system an online voucher process has not yet been designed. When one is available Exec members will be informed on the process.

No checks will be sent until receipts (for any charges over $10) are received in the office (by postal or e-mail)

(ver ed. 2010)

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