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Ministry Days Programming

Monday Registration, Reception, and Welcome

Pick up your registration materials in the Parish Room of the Hilton New Orleans Riverside anytime between 2:00 and 7:00 on Monday and stick around for our wonderful opening reception! Join your colleagues as we enjoy each other’s company, reconnect and sample food and jazz music of New Orleans. This year we will have a family friendly space where pastor parents and their partners can gather with their children (including activities).  There will also be a quieter space with opportunities to color and work on puzzles together while reconnecting.  We will all be together at 7:45 for a welcome from your UUMA.

Tuesday Opening Worship

Do You Know What It Means . . . to be in New Orleans?

Our opening worship, conducted by the Southern Louisiana UU Ministers, launches us into recovery, rebirth, and renewal, the major work of New Orleans and our collective ministries. We are called to be more than tourists in this great city of gumbo and many cultures.  A jazz ensemble and child dedication are planned for the morning’s celebration. If your family would like to participate, please contact Janette Lallier.

Keynote Speaker: Colette Pichon Battle

Religion, Race and Politics: Human Rights as a tool to Create a Climate of Positive Change

"This interactive conversation will use a human rights lens to explore and address the often taboo topics (Religion, Race and Politics)  in order to achieve equity and justice in our society. The presentation will offer a Black feminist intersectional analysis to create a climate of equity and justice in this new era of threats to our democracy, our climate and our humanity.” - Colette Pichon Battle

About the Presenter

Colette Pichon Battle, Esq. recently assumed the role of Executive Director of the US Human Rights Network (Atlanta and New York City) with a mission to build a people-centered human rights movement in the US.  Colette aims to connect the grassroots human rights movement to the climate movement in the United States through initiatives focused on Economic Justice, Energy Democracy and Ecological Equity.

In her previous role as Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, Colette worked on issues of global migration, community economic development, climate justice and equitable disaster recovery.  She has prioritized working with local communities, national funders and elected officials around equity in the post-Katrina/post-BP disaster Gulf Coast.  Ms. Pichon Battle was a lead coordinator for Gulf South Rising 2015, a regional initiative around climate justice and just transition in the South, and in 2016 she was named a White House Champion of Change for Climate Equity for her work with frontline communities in the US South.

Tuesday & Wednesday Lunch Time Meet-Ups

In an attempt to provide much needed time for you to connect with your colleagues, we have opened the schedule to allow for longer lunches. We hope that you will use this time to enjoy one of the many restaurants in the area. Please note: to help lower costs we will only be providing fuller snack breaks. No breakfasts will be provided.

 This year we are making easier than ever to gather groups of people together over lunch (you can also plan an evening gathering!) Building on the success of this program at the Institute we have revised our Meet-up group for Ministry Days.  Anyone can create a Meet-up or look over what’s been created and join in. Click here for information on how to participate.

Collegial Conversations

This year we will be holding a mixture of collegial conversations and workshops. To help us assign rooms to the proper event please let us know where your interest lies (you can change your mind once on site if you wish). The current working titles are:

  • Resistance and Resilience: Caring for ourselves, one another, and the planet we serve;
  • Follow up conversation with Colette Pichon Battle;
  • Introducing the Ministerial Formation Network;
  • Excellence in Shared Ministry: Next Steps;
  • What’s Up with Transitions?;
  • Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity, and Power in Ministry;
  • Ableism and the UUMA;
  • Grief Comes Home;
  • Transitioning to Retirement;
  • After Care for the After Pastor;
  • Board Conversation;
  • Gumbo, Not a Melting Pot

Evening Vespers

We are continuously blessed by the commitment, vision and inspiration of our emerging colleagues. Participants in the pilot program of the Ministerial Formation Network will join Associate Executive Director Melissa Carvill Ziemer in lifting up the power and promise of collegial welcome and support for the health of Unitarian Universalism.  All those who have formally joined the UUMA in the last year will be ritually welcomed during this service, which will be held from 7:30-8:30 on Tuesday night at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. 

Wednesday: 25/50 Worship

Continuing a long tradition, UUMA Colleagues will gather on Wednesday morning in celebration of Ministry. This year’s speakers, representing ministers ordained in 1967 and 1992, will be the Reverends Fred Campbell (50-year class) and Meg Riley (25-year class).   

Annual Meeting

There is a lot going on in the UUMA. Join us for our annual meeting when we will hear about new initiatives, approve our budget, elect new leaders, and celebrate those who have served. Stand with your Colleagues and be part of UUMA History.

Berry Street Lecture

The Ministerial Conference at Berry Street Executive Committee announces that the 2017 essayist, Sofia Betancourt, has had to step down due to her new role as Co-President of the UUA.  We are committed to our Mission to bring matters of importance to colleagues about the state of our professional association, and our mutual pursuit of the mission of Unitarian Universalism. Therefore, we are offering a five-member panel, with Kristen Harper, Mel Hoover, Marta Valentín, Adam Robersmith and Ashley Horan.

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